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Raleigh couple accused of child abuse

Posted November 5, 2009

— A Raleigh couple is accused of abusing their 4-month old baby.

Yesenia Hernandez Montano, 17, and Carlos Gonzalez Villegas, 23, both of 4612-B Brockton Drive, are charged in the incident.

Montano is accused of severely shaking the boy. Villegas is charged as an accessory after the fact for not seeking medical attention for the baby.

According to the arrest warrant, the abuse caused the child's head to swell, and his eyes to roll back in his head.

The alleged abuse occurred in October, according arrest warrant.

Montano and Villegas are due in court on Friday.

A family member told WRAL News the baby is at Duke Hospital.


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  • lorivalentine1 Nov 6, 2009

    We'll see how they fare in prison.. Even convicts have a code of honor and hurting children is tops on the list for punishment there..

  • wildcat Nov 6, 2009

    They probably will get some prison time, but it will mostly likely not be for life.

  • Joani P. Nov 6, 2009

    I hope they both get prison time and never able to have children again.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Nov 6, 2009

    I really don't understand how anyone could harm a child, let alone someone who came from their own womb. My son used to cry and probably excessively to some people, but he was helpless. He depends on adults for everything, and to get mad and hit, shake, or punch was out of the question. WOW

  • wildcat Nov 6, 2009

    it is happening more often these days.

    Yes it is. Too much in fact. I think people having these babies don't quite know how to handle the different responsiblities that go into caring for babies/children. Most don't have the right kind of help from their families. They are alone to deal with it. The sad part is babies having babies.

  • wildcat Nov 6, 2009

    Just put the child in a good loving and caring home. The child will be better off. What wrong with these adults that they have to resort to abuse a child?

  • ncguy Nov 6, 2009

    I'm with MJTATE.

  • kittiboo Nov 6, 2009

    dohicky, I still fail to see your point. Married people abuse kids, too, sadly. If we do away with divorce, wives whose husbands abuse their kids would have to stay married to them (or vice versa). Your off topic point doesn't make any sense.

  • mjtate Nov 6, 2009

    i say put the baby in a loving home and deport the parents.

  • dohicky Nov 6, 2009

    kittyboo - Yes, co-habitating and thanks for the correction. You are right, this has nothing to do with child abuse. I was trying to show how ridiculous the idea that marriage for same sex couples is such a threat to society and families. The same group of people that are spreading such a lie should be saying how co-habitation, which is probably the case for this couple, and divorce is a threat to society and the traditional family. Many times you see child abuse in these relationships, live in boyfriends, etc. People need to be concerned about these types of living conditions, not committed couples that want to be married. Everyone should be outraged when they read something like this and it is happening more often these days.