Raleigh councilwoman's dog sends message to GOP

Posted March 15, 2013

— Republican lawmakers are attempting to kill a land deal for a new Raleigh park, and City Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin has turned to social media to express her outrage with the help of her dog, Jack.

Baldwin on Friday posted a photo on Facebook of her Maltese-Yorkie mix. The dog named for "Jack Bauer," the anti-terror agent from the TV show "24," is relieving himself on a marble column outside the North Carolina General Assembly.

Dorothea Dix-Raleigh land deal Dix debate sparks backlash

The Democratic councilwoman concedes the image is undiplomatic, but suggests it is emblematic of the Republican-dominated body's treatment of the state's citizens.

"I figured, what better way to get my frustration across than with humor?” Baldwin said.

Bills introduced Thursday would essentially tear up a contract allowing Raleigh to lease the grounds of the closed Dorothea Dix mental hospital for a regional park. GOP lawmakers say the deal is not good for taxpayers.

"It’s beyond me how lawmakers, who are supposed to uphold the law, can think they can undo a legally binding contract," Baldwin said. "This is nothing more than bullying and intimidation by some members of the General Assembly."

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger wasn't amused by Baldwin's actions.

“We ask Raleigh’s city leaders to take a step back, look at this issue from the perspective of taxpayers from across our state and then calmly review the bill," said Berger spokeswoman Amy Auth. "Once they read it, they will see it allows them to continue to move forward with a world-class park while helping our state’s mentally ill population and being mindful of our taxpayers.“

Gov. Pat McCrory hasn't taken a stand on the proposed legislation. Spokeswoman Crystal Feldman said Friday that McCrory supports Raleigh's effort for a park, but he also would like to keep state Department of Health and Human Services employees there.


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  • Nothing New Mar 15, 2013

    Is there not an ordinance on the books for letting a pet deface city, county or state property? She should be given a ticket for letting her pet deface public property.

  • ifcdirector Mar 15, 2013

    Just another horrible carpetbagging harpy here to let her dog urinate on property paid for by North Carolina tax dollars.

  • TVs_Deceit Mar 15, 2013

    Grand Union: "Its extremely unlikely requirements of the original donation of the land is enforceable"

    I suggest that you learn about something before you comment about it.

    The land was purchased by the State, and the construction costs were paid for by bonds.

    Bonds. You know, those things that the State sells under an implied contract that the money will go for a specific purpose.

    The State of North Carolina built the hospital through an implied contract with the Citizens of North Carolina with no end date set for that contract.

    Purdue did not have the authority to void that contract and redirect the profit from those bond purchases for another purpose other than the one the bonds were sold under.

    Therefore, the contract Purdue entered into with the city of Raleigh is illegal. Neither party had the legal authority to take State property that was held under a previous contract entered into by the State, and with The People of North Carolina, [the bonds], and re-purpose it.

  • geosol Mar 15, 2013

    Love it!!! I feel the same way as her dog about the REPUBLICAN legislature today!

  • luvstoQ Mar 15, 2013

    Give - Me - A - Break!!! So she thinks this is cool, huh? Not!

    No matter which side you are on.

  • Fun Mar 15, 2013

    Ms. Baldwin is apparently a very crude woman- Let's hope she got down on her hands and knees and clean and scrubbed the mess she left on the peoples house, the legislature- You are a vile woman Ms. Baldwin. Furthermore, Ms. Baldwin as an elected official with the public trust why is it OK for the state not to get fair market value? Does it block a sweetheart deal for you, and possible ill gotten gains? You are disgusting- resign- go home and make beds.

  • sophiesdad Mar 15, 2013

    Very ghetto ... very low class ... NC is ashamed.

  • censorbait Mar 15, 2013

    Real cute!!! NOT!

  • tsquaring Mar 15, 2013

    One wonders how she would react if people let their dogs do their business in her yard?

  • tsquaring Mar 15, 2013

    That this is a story says more about wral doing the same thing to journalism.