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Raleigh Councilor to Announce Plans for Re-Election

Posted July 16, 2007

— Russ Stephenson plans to announce Monday that he will run again for a spot on the Raleigh City Council.

Stephenson, who has spent two years on the council, has been an advocate for strengthening neighborhoods, protecting taxpayers and better planning for growth.

Stephenson has strongly pushed increases in impact fees to help pay for the costs associated with growth.


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  • SubwayScoundrel Jul 16, 2007

    I agree with NCwebguy. The developers come in, build houses and pay way below just in an attempt to keep schools, fire, rescue, etc for the people. BTW, the developers will still not pay since the cost would be transfer to the home buyer. They think it will hurt how many people move here. Someone has to pay and it should be the new resident.

    I am all for growth as if you don't grow, you die.

    Or maybe we should do what the people who are against impact fees, raising taxes, etc. Just blow up the school system, let it fail and fall apart and then everyone will go to private schools. That is what these people want. Go ask Art Pope.

    Then we loose a generation and half of students while the developers and real estate people get rich.

  • ncwebguy Jul 16, 2007

    Why should I pay for someone else's prosperity? I don't know, but Raleigh's below average impact fees force me to. Councilman Stephenson is one of the few people trying to stave off the "reverse robin hood" mentaility of stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

    Raleigh's low impact fees forces me to pay more in property taxes to extend the existing water/sewer/road/police/fire department/parks&greenway/etc. infrastructure so Bob and Suzy Cul-de-sac can pay ABC Homes a hefty profit for building their new cookie-cutter house.

    It will be a tax for people new to the area, or making the transition from renter to owner, but the true costs of creating a house should be reflected in the price paid for it.

    Pushing *for* impact fees protects *existing* tax payers who have alreayd paid for their neighborhood's schools, streets, parks, etc. many times over.

  • houdie1031 Jul 16, 2007

    I would prefer that we just raise property taxes. Forget raising water bills, bus fares, dog/cat fees. We just need to go ahead face the price for our prosperity. Most of these back-door fees to taxation will come out of money. Just keep it simple, so we can see how much we are paying. We are all reaping the benefits of a growing area. RAISE THE PROPERTY TAXES AND ELIMINATE THE FEES.

  • Steve Crisp Jul 16, 2007

    So just how does "protecting taxpayers" and "strongly pushed increases in impact fees" go together?

    An impact fee is a tax, not a use fee as is water. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that he is one of those politicians who can speak out of both ends of his alimentary canal at the same time.