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Raleigh council backs route for regional transit

Posted October 5, 2010

— The City Council on Tuesday approved a proposed route for a regional transit system through Raleigh.

The council backed a plan to run commuter rail service from the vicinity of Triangle Town Center in northeast Raleigh through downtown and on to northwest Cary, using existing CSX rail lines.

The council also approved further study by Triangle Transit of a commuter rail corridor between the Wake-Johnston county line and Durham.


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  • NerdAlert Oct 6, 2010

    This exact URL originally posted an article about City Council adopting the Norfolk Southern route for the high speed rail. Apparently they took it down, but they should have changed URLs when they put up this corrected version of the story.

  • dmccall Oct 6, 2010

    This story is not about the high(er) speed rail to Washington, DC. It is about LOCAL TRANSIT, as in Light Rail. The new plan is not to have a Z line that connects N. Raleigh to downtown Durham. Rather it is to make a Raleigh-only line that only loosely follows existing rail lines, includes the RBC Center, and includes the airport.

  • GreenBean Oct 6, 2010

    Johnston County people are always complaining about traffic to RTP. Well you moved out there to "be away" from the city right? Deal with it. If you hate the commute that much then you should move closer. And stop spending all your money at Walmart!

  • Phrostbite Oct 6, 2010

    High speed regional rail will definetly attract more people & most importantly more business to the area. However, I'm more excited about the local light rail. We badily need something to reduce congestion along the I40 corridor from Johnston county to RTP. If I had to make a choice, I'd spend my money there first because we will see an immediate impact once the service is completed.

  • GreenBean Oct 6, 2010

    You could put Donkey rides next to Capital Blvd that would move faster. I'm all for it. Watch out Cary here comes the Ghetto!

  • aspenstreet1717 Oct 6, 2010

    yet another boondoggle. Countries that have successful high speed rail are relatively small with dense population areas.

  • lkanzig Oct 5, 2010

    nothing new, you hit bingo! thats the most commonsense idea! the government already owns the land out there, make the high speed rail station hub there, the light rail hub and branch out, the airport and 2 interstates nearby! only other thing you could possibly need out there is bus service and it would be a transportation network that can be added onto as demand needs it and also one that would be the envy of other cities!

  • rebelde80 Oct 5, 2010

    Sounds like a crummy idea. Why can't the US make real high-speed railroads that go 300mph, like they have in Japan? 110mph? You might as well drive. Too bad America got rid of its railroads after it was too late

  • didisaythat Oct 5, 2010

    So they have money to build the more expensive route, but not to improve the police department because it was too expensive. OK. And how is this going to generate business. This is not the 1800's where without this travel is very difficult. I don't see this generating business, except for the construction and the employees of the train, station and such. I don't see where this is worth the money at this time.

  • rt Oct 5, 2010

    The citizens don't want it on this route. Norfolk Southern doesn't want it on this route. And, this route was the more expensive option. The city council is out-to-lunch on this one. Put this thing over on the east side CSX tracks where it belongs!