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Raleigh City Council says yes to pygmy goats

Posted October 2, 2012

— The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday approved legislation to allow residents to keep two pygmy goats on lots less than one acre.

The vote marks a change to the current ordinance, which permits one goat per acre.

Council members voted in response to a request from 11-year-old Caroline Frye, who came before council in August to ask for the change so she could keep a pair of pygmy goats, which typically weigh less than 85 pounds.


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  • oleguy Oct 3, 2012

    Pygmy goats do get very large when over fed, and dont have room to run,,, and they dont cook up very well,,,And they can eat all the flowers that bloom at the average house in one day,,They eat any new growth daily,,,

  • wwyoud Oct 3, 2012

    Did she also show that she knows how to care for the goats, so they don't end up in rescue? Already more chickens are showing up as people think it;s cute, then find out how much work keeping livestock really is. Should there be a goat tax to help the city pay for the additional work for Animal Control?

  • LocalYokel Oct 3, 2012

    Do you think if an 11-year-old asked for enforcement of traffic laws in Raleigh they could get that too?

  • FarmerDoug Oct 2, 2012

    Chickens and goats in Raleigh, chickens even in Cary (?), but our leaders still keep us safe here in Garner by not allowing chickens on anything less than acre (which there are very few properties this size). And we're the more rural and agrarian. Honestly, a henhouse and a few chickens would be an improvement to some of the blight in North Garner.

  • Scubagirl Oct 2, 2012

    Kudos to the little girl for going to the council and requesting this and kudos to them for granting it...

    I'd rather have my tax dollars to this than some of the other things they (my tax dollars) have done lately.

  • NotFromHere Oct 2, 2012

    "Tax dollars at work." - Wiser_now

    Should tax dollars have been used initially to create rulings that limit the number of pygmy goats you can have? If they didn't waste money on that paper work they would not have to revisit the topic now.

  • nashe1127 Oct 2, 2012

    Thank goodness. You should never keep a single goat, they are herd animals.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 2, 2012

    @wiser_now, this ruling seems to indicate a "more freedom" solution. Is this a problem for ya?

  • Wiser_now Oct 2, 2012

    Tax dollars at work.