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Raleigh Boy Scout battling cancer receives high honor

Posted February 19, 2014
Updated February 23, 2014

— Noah Spivey is on track to becoming an Eagle Scout. He’s done most of the work. He’s earned the badges.

But cancer stands between the Raleigh teen and the Boy Scouts’ highest honor. So, his troop gave him an honor never before bestowed on a local Boy Scout.

Spivey, 17, was presented with the Heart of the Eagle award amid tears and proud embraces in a ceremony Tuesday night. The honor recognizes those who embody the Scout way of life.

Spivey began receiving hospice care this week to relieve the effects of Ewing sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. He was also awarded the Life Scout rank for his achievements.

He began building a prayer garden at a local church for his Eagle Scout project, and his troop has pledged to finish it.

“I wouldn’t say I’m the best Scout, but I try to be,” Spivey said. “My journey’s been rough. I got a lot of crap on my plate, but that doesn’t stop me.”

Despite the challenges of his disease, Spivey’s faith in God remains strong, fulfilling the Boy Scout pledge to be reverent.

“The Lord is greater than all the crap on my plate,” he said.

Spivey’s parents say his strength is unwavering.

“His faith in Christ and his courage has been so strong in the midst of adversity,” said Noah’s father, John Spivey.

“He’s just an amazing son,” said Christine Spivey, Noah’s mother. “He’s the love of my life.”


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  • Kevin O'Donnell Feb 24, 2014
    user avatar

    As an Eagle and the father of 2 Eagles, I can attest that this young man is every bit AND more of an Eagle Scout than myself and my sons. To say I am impressed with this young man is a major understatement. Noah's parents - you have done an incredible job with your son.

  • 678devilish Feb 20, 2014

    May God/Jesus continue to bless this young man.

  • mabearsr681 Feb 20, 2014

    Thanks to everyone for commenting on this story.
    The troop has a facebook page for Noah:
    If you want to help we have a signup genius, you can find the link on the page.
    As more details come available, we will update the facebook page.

  • sinew1 Feb 20, 2014

    Noah, may you continue to find strength, courage in your faith. Congratulations on your achievements!

  • rmsmith Feb 20, 2014


    Please reference the Scout Law and Oath as you will find the answers there

  • bogeyman Feb 20, 2014

    I as well would like to help complete his project, as parents of a child with sarcoma, this story touched our hearts. If anyone knows who we can contact, please let us know.

  • Matt Price Feb 20, 2014
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    First - it is not a real BSA Award. But the Troop has the correct spirit.

    Second - Justonegodlessthanu - I don't know where you have had your head, perhaps buried in your buns - but things have changed - I rekon you haven't looked past your own intolerant hatred to see it. Perhaps more research on your part is needed.

    I happen to know this young man, and he is a fighter. He is working for something most only wish they had the opportunity to - and he deserves all the support in the community.

    If you are interested in assisting - please contact the Scoutmaster of the Troop.

  • bakerbillwade Feb 20, 2014

    I hope we can find out what troop he is with for monetary and volunteer opportunities. I have time and money to offer. Please let us help make the garden a reality.

  • Buckeye_In_NC Feb 20, 2014

    If the scout troop is reading this, please let us know how the public may be able to help get his project done. This needs to happen.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 20, 2014

    Awww, prayers for him.