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Raleigh Bojangles' reopening delayed

Posted June 17, 2008

— Repairs to a a Bojangles' restaurant in Raleigh are taking longer than expected, a corporate spokesman said Tuesday.

A fire June 2 forced dozens of people out of the restaurant at 3808 Western Blvd.  Fire crews had to close two of three lanes of the road to battle the blaze.

The restaurant is expected to re-open sometime in July.


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  • foetine Jun 18, 2008

    you can run a car on cooking oil. Read a book about it. There are people who get the oil from various chicken places for adjusted diesel engines.

  • Pineview Style Jun 18, 2008

    Well, folks, what can you expect.... This is the same station that kept us up to date a few years back when they closed the Krispy Kreme for remodeling....

  • True Blue American Patriot Jun 18, 2008


    This is a news story? Geez. I hope they got Bill Leslie to research this since his only talents seem to lie in playing the pan flute and producing non-stories about non-events.

    In other news, the Sun rose in the East today and will most likely set in the West.


  • charlesboyer Jun 18, 2008

    In other news, west Raleigh cardiologists had to postpone replacing their BMW 700's until autumn.

  • gator nation gal Jun 18, 2008

    "This is really news worthy, way to go WRAL!"

    I think weedy just has the munchies.

  • colliedave Jun 18, 2008

    I don't like BoJo's. The food causes Diabetes.

    The sweat tea may agrivate diabetes but not the chicken and the sides. The food just blocks the ateries. Now, if we figured out a way to make gasoline from these we would solve the oil crisis.

  • carolinakhaki Jun 18, 2008

    "Good thing its not Football season. People would be rioting."

    Riddick, I was just thinking the same thing!

  • NotMyProb Jun 18, 2008

    "I don't like BoJo's. The food causes Diabetes." - TheAdmiral

    Uh, no.... lifestyle causes diabetes.

  • Shiger Jun 18, 2008

    This must be newsworthy to WRAL because they are both located on Western Blvd.

  • dwntwnboy Jun 18, 2008

    No Bojangles and the passing of Tim Russert....Sunday mornings REALLY suck now.