Raleigh approves order requiring drivers to look before opening door

Posted November 5, 2013
Updated November 6, 2013

— The City of Raleigh approved a new ordinance for bike safety Tuesday evening that will require drivers to check their rear-view mirrors after they park on a street to make sure the coast is clear before opening their doors.

The measure – which received a unanimous vote, 6-0 – is intended to prevent "dooring," which happens when a cyclist crashes into an open car door.

Raleigh officials say there have been more than 300 collisions between bicyclists and vehicles in the last five years, but only three involved dooring.

Violating the ordinance would result in a $50 civil penalty.

The ordinance also clears the way for new bike lanes to replace on-street parking in some areas.


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  • jfmecca Nov 7, 2013

    It's a flawed arguement to say that bikes don't pay for roads. Every single bike owner I know owns a car, and pays those taxes and fees. When you're on a bike, you're putting less wear on the road than you would be if you were in your car, but you've already paid as though you were putting those miles on in a car.

  • Fastglass Nov 7, 2013

    Just leaders approve new law that requires you to look both ways before crossing the street.

  • nailman5204 Nov 7, 2013

    Bicycle's Do not pay road taxes or registrations etc. But they seem to rule the road and most do not obey the "rules of the road". I say it is time to vote them off the highways where they do not belong. Lastly, don't bicycles have Brakes ? Maybe we need Bike inspections ?

  • sandim50 Nov 6, 2013

    you need LAW FOR THAT!

  • tceawvzwvpev Nov 6, 2013

    "The ordinance also clears the way for new bike lanes to replace on-street parking in some areas"

    And there it is. Now there will be a major markup to parking lots as places to park become scarce.

    Parking business revenue feeds tax collection by city. Self serving law.

  • jcthai Nov 6, 2013

    Insanity unless you also pass a law forbidding cyclists from riding in the "door zone".

  • midnightclay Nov 6, 2013

    Bikes used on the road need to be licensed. The riders need to obey traffic laws if the ride on the road. Slower bikers need to move over and let faster traffic pass safely.

  • Gary_too Nov 6, 2013

    I understand that next week, the Progressives in Raleigh are going to make it a law that you must check the stall in the bathroom to assure that TP is available before sitting down.

    Their constituents seem to not be able to do anything for themselves and must have direction from the government in all areas of their life.

  • flyguync Nov 6, 2013

    "Bikes should be on sidewalks, not on the streets and roads. Trying to legislate common sense has had the opposite effect."

    Sidewalks are for pedestrians, not bicycles. What you're advocating will endanger pedestrians, then we'll need a new law to take care of that.

  • flyguync Nov 6, 2013

    Let me guess - they got this idea from the Nationwide commercial where the lady gets her car door torn off. This is a joke, right? Shouldn't it be common sense to be aware of your surroundings when operating a motor vehicle? More nanny government here to help us from ourselves. Do violators get a ticket for being stupid?