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Rain, wrecks slow I-40 traffic

Posted February 22, 2010

— Two wrecks on rain-slick Interstate 40 slowed westbound traffic Monday near Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

One wreck near the Aviation Parkway exit that occurred shortly before noon involved four cars, and another wreck near the Harrison Avenue exit closed three lanes of traffic.

"With the conditions the way they are, we might see more accidents throughout the afternoon," WRAL News traffic reporter Brian Shrader said.


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  • schevsay Feb 22, 2010

    "Stop blaming wrecks on people who don't have their headlights on!!!!"
    My comment was a joke... We should stop blaming everyone else for accidents because where there are from, whether their headlights were on, whether they drive a BMW or SUV, etc. etc.

    Everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE, has the responsibility to drive with caution at ALL times...no matter what.

  • boingc Feb 22, 2010

    "Stop blaming wrecks on people who don't have their headlights on!!!!"

    TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON IN THE RAIN! Not only is it the law, it's also common sense. You guys remember Sesame Street -- One of these things is not like the others? It's you!

  • rescuefan Feb 22, 2010

    Stop blaming the wrecks on the idiots that drive 20 mph above the speed limit in the rain with no headlights on that are (or aren't) from NC!

  • pthfan22 Feb 22, 2010

    I am also a NC native but I lived in WA for a few years and found it funny that the people who lived there didn't know how to drive in the rain. I mean, it rains like everyday-and it was a state joke that the WA state natives couldn't drive in the rain!!

  • toughcookiemom Feb 22, 2010

    Stop blaming wrecks on people who are not from NC

  • schevsay Feb 22, 2010

    Stop blaming wrecks on people who don't have their headlights on!!!!

  • toughcookiemom Feb 22, 2010

    Please people who cares where you were born and raised....get over it all ready, when it rains put your darn headlights on and stop blaming all the wrecks due to weather on where you are from!!

  • Howie275 Feb 22, 2010

    omg it rain. Great now everyone else is going to stop and look. I can't believe how many people feel they need to stop and look at wrecked cars.

  • a change of heart Feb 22, 2010

    If y'all start a group for natives, count me in. Born and raised in Charlotte, then moved to the Triangle area. While I've lived in various places within NC, I've never lived in another state.

  • ncouterbanks69 Feb 22, 2010

    schevsay.......you couldn't be more correct. BTW I though I was the only one born and raised that still lived here. If I hear of some more we will start a club, we might reach enough members to rent out a room at Chili's.