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Questions remain over Durham toddler's disappearance

Posted November 13, 2012
Updated November 14, 2012

— A day after a seven-hour search for a missing Durham toddler found him unharmed in a nearby apartment, police released few details Tuesday as to why the child was inside for so long before he was located.

Two-year-old Kameron Jakise Hembry disappeared in the 2500 block of South Roxboro Street shortly after 2 p.m. Monday while he and his mother, Wakise Graham, were visiting friends in the area.

Police used all-terrain vehicles and dogs to search the area for hours, and a number of nearby residents volunteered to assist with the effort.

A statewide Amber Alert was issued for Kameron at 7 p.m., with officials saying they believed he had been abducted.

Two hours later, volunteer searchers going door to door found the child inside a nearby home. He was taken to a local hospital to be checked out and then went home with his mother.

A family friend said Graham remains confused about her son's disappearance.

Kameron Hembry disappearance Police tight-lipped about investigation of Durham boy's disappearance

Likewise, residents in the search area wondered Tuesday how Kameron got into the apartment, how long he had been there and why no one inside turned him over to police earlier.

"The baby is 2 years old. The baby cannot turn that knob," resident Sharika Harding said.

Searchers said late Monday that they knew adults were inside the apartment where the boy was found.

"The Amber Alert was coming across my Lifetime movie, so I know (people would have) seen it," Harding said.

No charges have been filed, but Police Chief Jose Lopez indicated that the case remains under investigation. He declined to talk about details of the investigation. When asked how the child got into the apartment, the chief replied, "Ask him."

"Nothing like this (has) ever happened out here. People are overprotective about their kids in this community," Harding said.


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  • AmericanSwede Nov 14, 2012

    Here's a thought....maybe the Mother put her son there, shut the door, and did this for Pub-licity.

  • Dynol Yn Cael Ei Nov 14, 2012


    I have an idea, let's just read the headlines and then make up our own stories to go along with them.

    Doesn't that sound like great fun???


  • Dynol Yn Cael Ei Nov 14, 2012

    This mother told her 2-year old child to follow her across a parking lot to her parked car. 2-year olds can't be trusted to do that, sometimes even 10-year olds can't - and across a parking lot where cars are moving back and forth? Is she kidding!!! You have a child that small, you hold their hands. You don't just order them around like a trained dog.

    I am so thankful this child wasn't hit by a car, wasn't picked up by a pedophile, didn't fall in a nearby stream or pond, etc. etc. etc.

    I pray this mother is a more vigilant person in the future.

    Thank God for those who turned out to help search for him.

  • killing_me_softly Nov 14, 2012

    JUST ANOTHER UNFIT MOTHER WHO CAN'T RAISE HER CHILD PROPERLY!!! Take the child from the home and put it in a good surrounding!! Must have been too busy watching TV to care where her kid was! cantbtaught

    Are YOU are a parent? If so, it is kind of scary how you made this comment without having read the article. And if you did read the article...scary still.

  • Scubagirl Nov 14, 2012

    DO PEOPLE NOT READ AND COMPREHEND THESE DAYS???? Do they just post after reading only a headline?

  • Scubagirl Nov 14, 2012

    "I thought that was a member of police, not the father.

    maybe not police, but at least one of the rescuers-not the father.

  • workinghuman33 Nov 14, 2012

    I do think it sounds a bit snarky for Chief Lopez to answer "ask him" but he does have a point. 2 year olds' can generally communicate somewhat. If I were the mother I would be asking my child "baby, how did you get in those people's apartment"? The mothers interview said she was standing by the car talking to her friend as they were getting ready to leave and she looked down and her son was just gone. Personally, I would have been holding my 2 year old while talking and saying good-bye or I would have already secured my child in the car seat and then had the conversation with my friend. Children do move quickly. Even if the people in the apartment weren't watching TV the normal and correct thing to do would be to call 911 and say "hi, a very small child has come to my door and cannot communicate to me where he lives....has anyone reported a child missing?". Something is not right about those people having that child in their apartment for sure.

  • lessismore Nov 14, 2012

    Could this 2 year old have run into highway and harmed by an automobile? Who was watching this child?

  • lessismore Nov 14, 2012

    Why wasn't this child's parent watching him? How did he wander off un-noticed?

  • NiceNSmooth Nov 14, 2012

    the chief replied, "Ask him."

    wow.... if are going to be that rude why call a press conference? or put a spokesperson out there