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Quest is for a different way of thinking

Posted March 23, 2015
Updated March 24, 2015

What a day in Boulder! I got the chance to interview two of the world's top atmospheric scientists, one at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the other at NOAA's Earth System Research Lab. And yes, their primary area of research is climate change.

Now I know half of you reading this just said to yourself, "Gee, I thought Fishel was a decent guy, but now I know he's a left-wing liberal just like all those global warming people," while the other half of you are saying, "Oh I just knew Greg was a 'green' guy. Good for him!"

Well, this may make everybody mad at me, but I'm not a left-wing liberal, and I'm not a green guy. I am however someone who believes we have a God-given brain and that we have an obligation to use it.

This quest is not about convincing anyone that man is influencing the climate. I'm not on this trip to advocate for anything. Check that. I am on this trip to advocate one thing and one thing only: a different way of thinking.

I'm gonna be blunt, and I'm speaking for no one but myself, so don't blame WRAL. We live in a dysfunctional society that is binary in nature. Self-proclaimed experts on talk radio, cable news channels and social media are given more credence than scientists who have worked their entire life to find the truth about our world.

I don't have a dog in this fight politically.

I am on this quest to seek the truth in a responsible manner, one that allows for the possibility that what I thought going into it is wrong.

We all need to listen more to somebody else but ourselves. We need to seek out people and information sources that say something different than what we currently believe. This is how we grow as people and as a society.

I will share everything I come across with you. I will not tell you how to interpret it. That's up to you. I would only ask that no matter how you feel about climate change, you at least consider the remotest of possibilities that you may be wrong.

And in the end, if we disagree, so be it. We can still have a cup of coffee together and respect each other as people.


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