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Python is surprise housewarming gift for Fayetteville tenant

Posted November 25, 2013

— Anyone missing a python in Fayetteville?

Call the Cumberland County Animal Shelter, where the snake was brought Saturday after giving a woman quite a scare.

Bridget Miller with Animal Control took the call from the unidentified woman, who was moving into an empty apartment in Crescent Commons when she discovered the animal.

“She started screaming at the top of her lungs, and several neighbors came to her rescue,” Miller said. “She kept referring to it as a python. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, this has to be a big snake.’”

Turns out he’s a little guy – a 3-foot ball python. But with his constricting muscles, he’s still impressive.

Miller instructed the woman to have someone contain it in a box until an officer could get there. A neighbor, who did not want to give her name, said the previous tenants had moved out two weeks earlier.

Shelter attendant Jennifer Tracy said the snake might have been left behind intentionally or simply escaped.

“We don’t know how long this guy has been without food, what kind of condition he’s in,” she said. “So we’d rather hand him over to the experts.”

Tracy said the shelter is looking for someone who has experience caring for reptiles to adopt the snake, who isn’t as cute and cuddly as the dogs and cats available for adoption.

“Personally, I can take him or leave him,” she said. “But he seems to be a nice snake.”


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  • ohemeffgee Nov 27, 2013

    Ball pythons are very friendly. Especially at 3 feet. They'd rather roll up into a ball than fight(hence the name)
    And, 6ft? Come on guys, they don't get that big, and the bites are about as bad as getting your finger pricked for blood work, no biggie.

    My cat has given me nastier cuts than my snake, many times. I only got bit once because I stupidly fed him with my hands. Didn't even notice until I went to wash my hands.

    I'm glad this little guy was found and didn't freeze to death, hopefully they find his owners, or someone who will take great care of him!

  • OpenM1nd Nov 26, 2013

    “But he seems to be a nice snake.”

    How would she know that? Did he smile and try to make friends?

  • baldchip Nov 26, 2013

    Woman said on tv that he seemed to be a nice snake!! Hummm??

    Get him irritated or hungry and see how nice a 6' python will be!! Their teeth are as sharp as razor blades!!

  • WinnieFan Nov 26, 2013

    Ball pythons are "starter snakes" for many a reptile fan. They are extremely docile.

  • Poboy1963 Nov 26, 2013

    Bwess hims heart! Hims was scared!