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Purple Heart found in wrecked SUV remains unclaimed

Posted April 8, 2014

— The owners of a Chatham County salvage yard have been searching for almost eight years for the service member who earned a Purple Heart that they found in a smashed SUV.

The 1999 Chevrolet Blazer was involved in a rollover and was hauled to Marsh Auto Parts in Siler City in July 2006. One of the workers fished around for loose items and found the war medal under the seat.

"We need to get this back to the guy it belongs to," salvage yard owner Jimmy Marsh said upon learning of the Purple Heart.

He and his wife, Jeanette Marsh, made some calls and learned that the Blazer had belonged to Scott Michael Wolfe. They found a phone number for him, but it was old.

"Nobody knew where he was, but they did tell me he was in the armed forces," Jeanette Marsh said.

The Blazer was eventually crushed, but the Marshes kept the medal in a drawer in their office, hoping to one day reunite it with its owner.

A March 24 story on WRAL News gave them a promising lead. Reporter Gilbert Baez interviewed a soldier named Scott Wolfe who was burned 20 years ago in a horrific plane collision at what was then known as Pope Air Force Base.

"She perked up – 'Scott Wolfe!'" Jimmy Marsh said of his wife's reaction to the story.

WRAL News has been unsuccessful trying to locate Scott Wolfe, but the Marshes said they hope recirculating the story will finally lead to a break in the case of the unclaimed Purple Heart.

"It's been here too long," Jeanette Marsh said.


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  • beverooni1 Apr 11, 2014


    It might not even be his -- it could be an uncle, a grandfather's, a brother's but there's a list of Wolfe's on this page that have rec'd Purple Hearts: http://www.thepurpleheart.com/recipient/

  • Pamela Gentry Apr 9, 2014
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    I posted the article on The Richmond Register's fb page so maybe they can help out as well. Hopefully they can find him soon

  • NCGirl16 Apr 9, 2014

    The Richmond Register someone mentioned is Richmond, Kentucky. The database for Purple Heart recipients (http://www.thepurpleheart.com/recipient/) lists his hometown as Richmond, Kentucky. Maybe he still has family there or if he doesn't still live there himself someone should know him or where he could be located.

  • Bass Pro 3 Apr 9, 2014

    Go to www.pipl.com and type his name. There are several with that name listed all over the US. The website also gives ages for those listed if that would help narrow him down.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 9, 2014

    If the Purple Heart was that big of a deal, John Kerry would have been President, not draft-dodger Bush/Cheney.

    (I'm being sarcastic about the Purple Heart. Of course, it's a huge deal. It represents blood shed in the defense of our country. It's extremely honorable. What is *not* honorable is how a three time recipient was treated and belittled about them.)

    Seriously, I hope they find the owner of this medal. It will surely mean a lot to her/him.

  • jurydoc Apr 9, 2014

    There's also an article in the Richmond Register online that shows a picture of him assembling the travelling VietNam Memorial and refers to him as Cpl. Scott Wolfe and "active military." The article is from 2006, but at least it proves he was military and if they've had the medal for 8 years, that's about right too.

  • amya22082 Apr 9, 2014

    Good Morning everyone. I am Scott Micheal Wolfe's fiancé. We live in Mankato MN and were in NC for a reunion at Fort Bragg, Scott was interviewed by Gilbert Baez, but unfortunately he is not the Scott they are looking for. He never received a Purple Heart (his injuries weren't war related so the Army said no). And he never owned a 1999 blazer and has also been in Minnesota since 1995. I hope they are able to find the owner though!! Scott's dad was contacted by Mrs. Marsh today and she gave his dad her number to have Scott call her. Scott has her number and will be contacting her to let her know he's not the guy they are looking for. Hopefully this story opens new leads to the right person!

    Have a good day!!

  • JAT Apr 9, 2014

    Wouldn't it be better to contact WTVD instead of WRAL? Baez knows where the person is, I'm sure.

    And, like everyone else said, there's no way to hide these days. You can find anyone!

  • Chplhill Apr 9, 2014

    I am also certain he is on facebook. Look up Scott Wolfe Mankato. The guy in the pick is in his 40s and has a wounded warrior shirt on in his pics.

  • Chplhill Apr 9, 2014

    I think this is him. Note he has a Wounded Warrior Project shirt on. https://www.facebook.com/#!/scott.wolfe.357/photos