Public sign-up to reopen for voter ID hearing

Posted March 11, 2013
Updated March 12, 2013

Citizens who want to sign up to speak at Tuesday's public hearing on voter ID will be able to do so at the meeting, House Elections Committee Co-chairman Rep. David Lewis announced Monday night. 

At an Elections Committee meeting held on the floor after session, Lewis, R-Harnett, said the 50 slots available on the online sign-up page had filled up quickly. He said staff will be available at the door of 643 LOB at 3 p.m. Tuesday to sign up additional speakers on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Lewis said the meeting is expected to run from 4 until 9 p.m., or until all members of the public who wish to speak have been heard.  

When they sign in, the speakers will be issued numbers corresponding to their sign-up positions. Lewis said sergeants at arms will line speakers up in advance to make the best use of time. 

Tuesday's meeting is the only scheduled session for public comment, but Lewis said that, if there are many people who still can't be accommodated, the committee will consider a second public comment hearing. 

Room 544 LOB will also be available for overflow if the crowd is too large for the meeting room, Lewis said. 

You can watch the public hearing live here on WRAL.com Tuesday at 4 p.m.


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  • annettehansen Mar 12, 2013

    "disenfranchised" is the word of the day!! You are 'disenfranchised' no matter what you think about voter IDs! I watched the folks speaking on having the IDs and not having the IDs. One woman said that she has worked to polls and she knows the is cheating! Another person says there is no proof of cheating of any way! Oh well!

  • annettehansen Mar 12, 2013

    I was given a voter information card from the NC State Board of Elections when we moved here. Now, this has no photo on it and I have not been asked to show it in several years but this would be better than nothing!! Like 'getuone' said you have to show a photo ID when you go to most doctor's offices now. It looks like some folks just don't want this to work. I wonder why? Honesty is still the best policy, isn't it?

  • getuone Mar 12, 2013

    When anybody goes to the Doctor NOW,they have to show/have picture ID and Medical card. So what is the big deal? They don't want it because then crooked things can happen, like voting more than 1 time. You already get a Voter ID in the mail, so it should be used and show Drivers License with it in my opinion!!!!

  • chevy196100 Mar 12, 2013

    I think everyone have ID to vote if you don't want one than don't vote