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Wake County authorizes school bond vote

Posted July 15, 2013

Athens Drive stadium hasn't had a significant upgrade in 35 years.

— The Wake County Board of Commissioners decided Monday to put an $810 million bond to a public vote this fall. 

The county and school board plan to ask voters to approve borrowing to build 16 new schools, fund several major renovations and upgrade technology and security. The bond issue would be on the Oct. 8 ballot.

The Wake County Public School System, the largest in the state, is expected to add almost 20,000 students in the next five years, and the bond would fund necessary expansion to accommodate them.

The county plans to build 11 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools – at a cost of more than half a billion dollars – and to renovate five elementary schools and Garner High School.

The bond would be paid for by a property tax increase. The average Wake County homeowner, with an assessed home value of $263,500, would pay an additional $145 in taxes. 


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  • Krimson Jul 16, 2013

    Bombay: "no way ... firing Tata ... wasting 250,000 right there."

    So you're going to force children into overcrowded schools b/c you didn't like the fact that the newly elected majority gave Tata a severance package under his contract???

    That's pretty petty...

  • Krimson Jul 16, 2013

    Does anybody in their right mind really think these school won't be built if the bond doesn't pass??? We're going to pay one way or another - the bond is the cheapest for everybody.

  • Karmageddon Jul 16, 2013

    No how....No way....

  • john4st8 Jul 15, 2013

    Absolutely stickman. NC is the 48th in teacher pay in the country. Cut that pay. Then I bet we could get to 50th in pay, and go with williammjohnston's idea and raise standards on the teacher,(since no responsibility should be put on students and parents). I bet we can attract great teachers with the worst pay in the country. Can you sense the sarcasm? They are going to build these schools one way or another, this bond is probably cheaper.

  • Stickman Jul 15, 2013

    Cut teachers pay to pay for it, they are way over paid anyway.

  • 27615 Jul 15, 2013

    I'm voting no!

  • williammjohnston Jul 15, 2013

    NO! No more money for schools or teachers until ALL standards are raised. Money has never improved anything. Too many students who cannot read OR spell; cannot make change when running cash registers in stores! Most Cannot write a correct sentence! Raise teacher standards, fire the ones not qualified!
    Ever realize this is why we have so many private schools? And, we have to support these that are far from
    adequate to prepare students for higher learning. Only interested in athletics and social promotion!

  • mep Jul 15, 2013

    All they can hope for is a great big no vote of confidence..... find another way to pay for all these new students... like taxing builders and home sales.

    That way... all the new folks, and those reaping a huge profit from selling/flipping their homes pay for all this expansion.

    Besides... according to liberals... the GOP policies is going to kill growth, and drive people away... less students, problem solved. Or are people still going to come to NC? Hummmm.

  • town guy Jul 15, 2013

    ...but by voting "no", you're not punishing WCPSS - it's the kids and parents who will pay the price of overcrowded schools. And you will pay more taxes when new schools are financed in other, more expensive ways.

  • C6-YA Jul 15, 2013

    joeBob... I'm voting no becuase I'm tired being punished as a homeowner. Increase local taxes so everyone will have to pay.. not just homeowners!