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Protesters rallying for higher wages for fast-food workers

Posted May 15, 2014

— Dozens of protesters turned out at a Burger King location in Durham early Thursday in support of higher pay for workers at fast-food restaurant chains. 

Labor organizers say protesters will rally in the United States and more than 30 other countries as part of a campaign to bring attention to the plight of low-wake workers and get the public behind the idea of a $15-an-hour wage. 

Nakiel Clemons, who was scheduled to work in the kitchen of the Durham Burger King Thursday morning, was one of the protesters holding signs and chanting, "hold your burgers, hold your fries, make those wages supersize." 

A $15 hourly wage, almost double the $8.56/hour average for North Carolina fast-food workers, would equal about $31,000 a year for full-time employees.

The campaign comes as President Barack Obama works to raise the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which translates to about $15,000 a year for a full-time job.

Other protesters are expected to rally in Raleigh Thursday afternoon at the McDonald's and Bojangles location on Western Boulevard.


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  • Brian Jenkins May 16, 2014

    Just came back from lunch. I had to ask for my $5 change back. He also filled my small chili up halfway. A manager came by and filled it up while I was waiting. The incompetence is astonishing.

  • scvmcdoc May 16, 2014

    A large portion of the Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan don't make $15/hour. They have been trained for their job and are risking their lives every day, yet these fast food workers want $15/hour to flip burgers and mess up orders. They should be ashamed.

  • A person May 16, 2014

    There are children being used on these picket lines. Another reason to laugh at what they want

  • Forthe Newssite May 16, 2014
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    do those that had jobs yesterday and protested, still have those jobs today?

    hope they learned just what a right to work state means!

  • LuvsThePack May 16, 2014

    Democrats want to keep a certain segment of their constituency poor. Keep paying JUST ENOUGH money to people on welfare to keep them from getting up and trying to find something BETTER.

    Similarly, raising minimum wage for burger flippers will keep them from trying to move up in the job world.

    People say conservatives don't care about the poor. To the contrary, showing them tough love actually shows they care more about the poor than liberals that care more about keeping the poor.... poor, than helping them improve their own situations.

    Think about it.

    (Drops the mic and walks off the stage)

  • George Herbert May 16, 2014
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    I worked at McDonald's more than 25 years ago. Back then, people with drive and determination could work their way up--from team leader to shift manager. The best succeeded and were rewarded for their efforts. I'm betting it's the same way now.

  • Kristin Byrne May 16, 2014
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    Many jobs in a clinical lab in a hospital start off at $15/hour. These jobs require bachelor degrees, and most require specialized training after that. Why should a job requiring no skills be paid the same as a job where someone had to pay to get the education to be qualified for that job? If you raise the pay of unskilled workers, you need to raise the pay of skilled workers. I'll gladly take the pay raise because the person working in the fast food joint has no business making anywhere near where I started after 5 years of college and 2 bachelor degrees. Minimum wage jobs weren't meant for careers. They were meant for students and people looking to supplement their incomes. Many people have made careers at fast food joints by working hard and moving up, but that's foreign to some people.

  • George Costanza May 16, 2014
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    Flipping burgers and asking if you want fries with that is NOT what a person is supposed to be doing for a living. It's for teenagers to earn money during school and the summer. If you are doing it to "earn a living" then perhaps you should have done better in school and gone to college. Oh wait, why do good in school when you can earn $12 an hour flipping burgers? And we blame teachers for kids not learning.

  • Brian Jenkins May 16, 2014

    I went to one of these fine establishments on my way home last night. Ordered a strawberry sweet tea and got a lemonade. My sister assist in surgeries on animals and makes $13/hr. She would love a $2 an hour raise to take orders and take your job. Be careful what your ask for. How do you screw up a single drink order?

  • LuvsThePack May 15, 2014

    Sure, raise wages for fast-food employees. Then prices go up for everybody that eats there. People eat there LESS. The restaurant closes, and the fast-food employees are now UNEMPLOYED.

    Someone please tell how this helps ANYONE!