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Protesters attend march at NC Capitol

Posted August 23, 2014

— Dozens of protesters marched at the State Capitol Saturday to call for education funding and a fair criminal justice system. 

The march marked the second day of demonstrations by the organizers of the "Moral Monday" protests of conservative public policy at the North Carolina legislature. About 1,000 people have been arrested at the protests during the past two legislative sessions.

On Saturday, demonstrators targeted the Governor and other Republican leaders for the school voucher program, which allows lower-income students to use taxpayer money to pay for tuition at private schools. 

The protesters believe the vouchers will rob public schools of critical funding. 

"We see this massive underfunding of schools as being directly connected to the privatization in the form of vouchers and charter schools," said Todd Warren, a teacher from Guilford County. "We see it as being connected to the school-to-prison pipeline."

Organizers plan to focus on a different topic each day in the latest series of rallies. Demonstrators marched from the Bicentennial Mall to the Capitol for Friday's rally, calling for the Earned Income Tax Credit to be reinstated and focusing on other labor rights, fair wage and economic justice issues.

The so-called Moral Week of Action will end next Thursday with a voting rights rally.

NAACP leaders in several other states were planning protests at their own state capitols this month.




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  • Classified Aug 25, 2014

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    Nor will it make them "immoral" by marching. March on!

  • mike275132 Aug 25, 2014

    "Moral " Mondays-
    Todd Warren, a teacher from Guilford County. "We see it as being connected to the school-to-prison pipeline."

    If you send your child to the Public School to Prison Pipeline, your child has a much better chance of going to Prison.
    This is due to forced busing that achieves nothing, massive numbers of Illegal Alien children in Public Schools and the " Mainlining " of criminal children into the Public Schools.

    If you care about your children , send them to private school.

    Ah, the Change We Can Believe In !

  • 50s Child Aug 25, 2014

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    Glad you mentioned DHHS. Did you know that money recouped from invalid claims goes NOT back into the Medicaid pot, but to the schools? I guess a Medicaid shortfall is OK, as long as people can have as many kids as they want and send them all to public school along with the illegals.

  • chris42m Aug 25, 2014

    And how much more money does "Education" want? Currently tey receive 56 Cents of every dollar in the General Fund. That's more than DHHS, Public Safety, and all other State functions PUT TOGETHER! And that 56 Cents of every dollar doesn't count all of the other revenue streams like The Lottery, Speeding and Parking Tickets, Funding from Counties and Cities, or the Federal Grants. How much do they want? All of it?

  • Danny22 Aug 25, 2014

    These people can march all they want. It won't make them "moral."

  • A person Aug 25, 2014

    The schools obviously have plenty of moeny and the teachers have more than enough time to get their work done, and there are plenty of resources available, other-wise we would not be allowing illegal aliens to come here. No country without more than enough of everything would be irresponsible enough to take on more when it can't deal with what it has at the time.