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Prostitution sting nets arrests in Fayetteville

Posted June 20, 2011

— More than a dozen people were arrested Friday night as the result of a prostitution sting operation in Fayetteville's Bonnie Doone area, police said Monday. Undercover female police officers posed as prostitutes, and 10 men were charged with trying to solicit their services.

Those arrested were:

Carnell Lewis, 23, Edward McMunn, 32, James Williams, 57, Jerome Armstrong, 34, Raymond Waldron, 30, Micquel Ross, 32, Terrence Anthony, 36, and Rashan Smith, 30. All were charged with procuring crimes against nature.

Charles Cauthen, 52, and Dana Green, 36, were charged with procuring for prostitution.

Eddie Drye, 49, and Carlissa Broadwater, 19, were charged resisting, delaying or obstructing police.

Clifton Stanfill, 29, and Cleveland Collins, 27, face misdemeanor drug possession charges.


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  • superman Jun 24, 2011

    A waste of taxpayer money. This is entrapment. Dont they have something more useful for their police officers to do.

  • Arapaloosa Jun 21, 2011

    "All were charged with procuring crimes against nature."


  • twhacked Jun 21, 2011

    I say they need to leave the solicitors alone and don't worry about prostituition and people associated with it as we have other issues that they need to be more concerned with. Prostituition is the oldest profession in he world and it will always exist no matter what. I actually think it is entrapment but of course the court system disagrees. What 2 consenting adults do and they don't bother anyone else to me it's there business. I don't agree with it but I don't think it should be a criminal offense.

  • barnzez Jun 21, 2011

    If they want to shut down a prostitution ring, they should turn their attention to Craigslist.

  • nufsaid Jun 21, 2011

    But at least Fayetteville residents can be proud that they have won an All-America City Award!!! After spending taxpayer money to send a large delegation to influence the judges. Not that I am questioning how they influenced the judges.

  • twc Jun 20, 2011

    Entrepreneurs will find a way to succeed! There are no laws against free samples. By the time one decides if they are really interested they will be more aware of who they are dealing with.

  • twc Jun 20, 2011

    Good job, that ought to curtail those crimes of violence and keep people employed.

  • Conservative Jun 20, 2011

    "That isn't true. He was accepting of the woman, and told her to go and sin no more."

    Why is it the woman's fault? If there is no demand there would be no supply, right? By the way, I am a man. I see the whole thing as a "supply/demand" thing. Eliminate the demand, the supply will dry up (figuratively speaking).

  • Common Sense Man Jun 20, 2011

    "In too many cases, a woman can get more time for having sex with a man than someone can get for killing one."

    You can't provide one example. Guarantee it.

  • Eastern N.C. Native Jun 20, 2011

    Anyone notice the guy in picture #11 haha... And I agree with many of you, marriage is prostitution. Oh well!