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Prosecutors: Man had gun during parole officer's visit

Posted February 26, 2010

— A Raleigh man received a 3-year prison sentence Thursday after prosecutors said a parole officer found him carrying a gun during an unannounced visit last February.

Demetrius Monquette Joyner, 23, pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His prison term will be followed by three years of supervised release.

"Often probation officers face uncertainty when performing their duties, as seen in this case," U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding said in a release. "Many times the tasks they perform are underappreciated as they deal with individuals who have been convicted of violent crimes and continue to break the law."

Joyner was released on parole in November 2008 after serving four years for a conviction for attempted assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury, according to state Department of Correction records.

On Feb. 18, 2009, his parole officer made an unannounced visit, and Joyner came to the door with a loaded gun stuck in the waistband of his pants, prosecutors said. He obeyed orders to drop the gun and was arrested.

DOC records show that Joyner's parole was revoked after the incident, and he spent nine months in prison.


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  • Life-goes-on. Feb 26, 2010

    Two things. First, no state employee bashing today? The parole officer was just doing his job like thousands of state employees do every day. Second, it's too hard for honest law abiding citizens to get a concealed carry permit and too easy for criminals to get a gun.

  • Vinbenson Feb 26, 2010

    good job parole officer.. and good job to the po that was watching jerry springer and busted his parolee.. if they cant obey the law then by all means go straight to jail..

  • wildcat Feb 26, 2010

    This is a well observant parole officer. This person deserves the 3 years in prison for having a weapon. He knew he was not suppose to have it. I guess he loves the prison life and not having the freedom. Good job parole officer and I wish there was more like you.

  • Raptor06 Feb 26, 2010

    A great parole officer. Thank you very much. I wish we could clone you. I have no tolerance for violent convicted felons with guns. They commit the crimes and law abidding gun owners have to bear the responsibilities.

  • familyfour Feb 26, 2010

    So glad to know that there are some out there who are making the extra effort!

  • LongHorns Feb 26, 2010

    Very good job most parole officers don't carry a side arm

  • kewlmom Feb 26, 2010

    I would like to extend my thanks to the observant parole officer. You did your job well and bravely. Thank you.

  • garnertoy Feb 26, 2010

    parole officers are assigned to many people to watch and they have to deal with the lowest of the low and yes they do a good job with what they have to work with

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Feb 26, 2010

    He is extremely smart.


  • sssh.. whisper Feb 26, 2010

    Awesome job on making an unannounced visit!