Wake County Schools

Wake schools propose calendar changes to balance student population

Posted August 13, 2014

Wake County Public School System

— Wake school leaders are considering converting Ballentine and Wakefield elementary schools to a traditional, 10-month school calendar and adding tracks to some existing year-round schools to balance the student population.

Some schools are overcrowded while others are under-enrolled, the school system said.

Alston Ridge Elementary, currently on a single-track year-round schedule would see additional tracks.

Mills Park Elementary and Mills Park Middle, both currently on a traditional schedule, would be converted to a multi-track year-round schedule under the plan.

The change would also sync the schedules at Wakefield Elementary and Wakefield Middle, school officials said.

Schools utilizing a multi-track year-round calendar can enroll more students by operating on four separate tracks, school officials said. Each track runs for about nine weeks, followed by a three-week break. The tracks are staggered so three tracks can operate at any given time.

The proposed changes were discussed during the district’s facilities committee meeting on Tuesday. Committee members favored the changes to Ballentine and Wakefield but were undecided on the other three schools.

Parents at the affected schools can share their thoughts on the changes online and at the Sept. 2 board meeting.

School board members are expected to vote on the proposed changes by Sept. 16.


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  • shilohargrove Aug 19, 2014

    All school should be YEAR ROUND!!!!...Summer break is wayyyy to long. Every track has at least 3 weeks off during summer months.

  • NiceNSmooth Aug 14, 2014

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    No all schools should be year round with no three week break every nine weeks!!

  • Emil Barnabas Aug 14, 2014
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    Home Economics changed it's name to Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education in 1994 to reflect a broader view of preparing kids for the real world. There are 26 FACS courses offered in NC with additional courses offered to our high school students through the community colleges.

    One of the FACS courses is Personal Finance (BF05, BW18). Last year 20,614 of the public high school students in NC took the Personal Finance course. 155,627 FACS courses were taken by public school students in NC.

    NC has 11 different ethics courses (AW01, BW27, BW66, BX07, CN20, HW04, HW13, IR12, IW63, IX02, IX12).

    If these courses are not being offered at your local school, then talk to the principal or the local school board to see what you can do help change what is being taught.

    If these courses are offered in your local school, but the students are not taking them, then find out why.

  • jdman Aug 14, 2014

    All schools should be TRADITIONAL.....NO YEAR

  • cindyjamison9 Aug 14, 2014

    They "ASK" our opinion to MAKE us feel like we have a say in what happens with our children, but it's doesn't matter what the parents think.... It never has......The School board is going to do what the School board want's to do...period!!!! .

  • Confucius say Aug 14, 2014

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    Yep, and personal finance. Kids graduate not knowing how to count money, budget their finances, build a credit history, negotiate a car loan or handle a credit card.

  • Corey Jenkins Aug 14, 2014
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    Two courses that should be added back to the curriculum, Home Economics and Ethics.

  • housemanagercary Aug 14, 2014

    Also, I've never understood why they just don't go to year round 8-5 school days with INCREASED free time/study time/play time and allow for athletics/dance etc to be the late day classes for practices. That way parents dont have to worry about students being tracked out. Children shouldn't have 8 hours of straight instruction but this schedule would allow them time to eat their meals in peace, study, exercise, and have arts classes. Why not?

  • Rod Runner Aug 14, 2014
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    You know they need to solve some crowding problems to be able to improve that, right?

  • housemanagercary Aug 14, 2014

    Seems like they just don't care how this completely disrupts people's lives. I imagine there would be families moving and switching to home school due to changes like this.