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Proposal gives Raleigh food trucks more room to roam

Posted November 20, 2012

— A little more than a year after the city first allowed food trucks to roll onto Raleigh streets, a plan to give them a bit more room to roam is gaining momentum in City Hall. 

A committee recommended a plan on Tuesday morning that would allow two food trucks per one-half acre lot, and a maximum of four food trucks would be allowed on lots between one and two acres. 

They would also be allowed within the downtown overlay district, which covers most of downtown outside of the Glenwood South corridor.

The proposal will go before the city's Planning Commission Nov. 27.


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  • Pepe Silvia Nov 21, 2012

    workinghuman33, what restaurant do you own? I'm assuming you own one and feel threatened since you are so passionately against food trucks that you felt the need say "This sucks!!!" (THREE exclamation points? That's some passion right there) and write a paragraph badmouthing them.

    No one is forcing you to eat at one.

  • workinghuman33 Nov 21, 2012

    This sucks!!! I hate Roach Coaches. Ya'll can say what you want about filling mouths & belly's but know that it's hard as all get out for a food inspector to actually inspect a moving vehicle. Why don't they go to new build construction sites, call centers and on the outskirts of town where they are needed, you know places where other restaurants aren't available to them. But no they instead want to reap the benefits of more established business.....hmmmmmmmm kinda like roaches themselves feeding off of the crumbs that others have made. I won't eat from those trucks they seem gross and shady IMO.

  • Scubagirl Nov 21, 2012

    Good deal! I too can cook my own meals BUT I don't always want to eat food from home-some awesome food on some of those trucks!

  • wiz Nov 20, 2012

    Ya'll can have the 'Roach Coaches'...I can cook my own meals...

  • whatelseisnew Nov 20, 2012

    there should be ZERO restrictions. So long as they follow regulations and are legally parked then they should be able to be anywhere in the city. I don't go to the downtown area unless ordered there for jury duty, but probably lots of people would make use of these food outlets.

  • Bill of Rights Nov 20, 2012

    I agree, Pepe. Cree commerce like this benefits all of us.

  • Pepe Silvia Nov 20, 2012

    Good! This resident welcomes them with open arms (and an open mouth)

    We have some GREAT food trucks in the triangle and I'd love to see them out and about more often then just at special events, especially downtown at night!