Promise Tracker: McCrory came through on most items

Posted December 7, 2016

— Four years ago, inspired by Politifact's effort to track President Barack Obama's promises, WRAL News embarked on a project to track the promises made by Gov. Pat McCrory when he campaigned for office and whether he followed through.

PROMISE TRACKER Pat McCrory Promise Tracker Our expectation was that he would, by and large, keep his word from the campaign trail. Now, as McCrory prepares to leave office at the end of December, the finally tally shows that we weren't all that disappointed.

In all, we rated 23 of 33 promises by McCrory fully kept, with another four getting mixed results. That's a success rate of around 80 percent. We rated three of his promises as failures – things he didn't accomplish but tried to do – and three as promises broken.

Until this week, we had left five promises open as some form of "in progress." As we close down the tracker, it's now apparent those last five promises provided the toughest sledding for the governor, reflecting just how hard it is to turn campaign rhetoric into governing reality.

  • Fail: McCrory promised he would clear the way for hydraulic fracturing gas drilling, or "fracking," to begin in the state. A combination of legal and legislative events has left the state without an Oil and Gas Commission that would be able to sign off on fracking permits. So, while companies could apply to drill, there is nobody available to approve those permits.
  • Broken: McCrory promised a more transparent government. But he failed to push through measures that would allow for more sunlight on campaign donations, and his administration actively resisted public records requests. In a recent court hearing, the administration claimed immunity from certain public records requests.
  • Mixed: McCrory promised to be regularly available to the media for questions. While he certainly spoke a lot on issues of his choosing, such as emergencies when there was a gas shortage or a hurricane, his administration finished his term by avoiding questions from reporters.
  • Fail: McCrory had pledged to sell 600 acres related to an effort to build a deep water port near Southport. That sale never happened.
  • Fail: As part of an campaign-developed education plan, McCrory pledged to create a testing regimen for ninth-graders to spot failing students. That testing scheme never came about.

With the McCrory tracker closing down, it's time to tally up Gov.-elect Roy Cooper's campaign promises. We have been seeking your suggestions for promises to track since March. You can still contribute your thoughts below or by clicking through to a full-screen version of the form.

We will be rolling out the Cooper Promise Tracker in January.


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  • RB Redmond Dec 13, 2016
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    For me personally, it's not so much what he didn't do, it's what he DID in discriminating against others in his stance on SSM and HB2, and then wasted OUR tax dollars trying to force the Federal government to allow it.
    There is, or should be, no place for discrimination in this country, including this state.

  • Jim Halbert Dec 12, 2016
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    I don't hear anyone telling Republicans to keep out of social issues. Just to stop trying to limit or take away certain group's civil rights when they do. There is little hypocrisy involved when you take more than 2 seconds to think about it.

  • Jacob Young Dec 11, 2016
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    Democrats consistently say Republicans should keep out of social issues, but at the same time the Dem's platform is comprised of mostly social issues. Very hypocritical.

  • Steve Willyg Dec 9, 2016
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    I'd be willing to bet that Cooper doesn't do the same!

  • Anna Temple Dec 8, 2016
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    My husband bought a new boat for our lakehouse using some tax credit but I am not sure what. We were very happy about governor mccrory's tax changes. We gave our old boat to a church group so we are very happy

  • Jeff Herring Dec 8, 2016
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    yep, his promises to screw the public and racially discriminate were well met.

  • Carrie Hurrelbrink Dec 8, 2016
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    I'm sure Cooper will not keep any promises. But, he sure will end up costing the tax payers more in NC. Cooper is going to set NC back and run this state right in the ground. He didn't do his job as AG and sure won't do it as Governor!

  • Larry Rieke Dec 8, 2016
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    Gov. McCrory facilitated a sales tax increase on electricity. This hurt every homeowner and as such, every renter. This is the ONLY reason he lost this staunch Republican's vote.
    "The gross receipts derived from sales of electricity to such person are subject to the 7.00% combined general rate of sales and use taxes for sales of electricity billed on or after July 1, 2014 and are subject to the 3.00% rate of sales and use tax for electricity billed prior to July 1, 2014. N.C.Jun 2, 2014".

  • Pete Muller Dec 8, 2016
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    Had McCrory handled the GA onslaught onto local governance, in other words HB2, with some intelligence instead of willful agreement, he probably would have been reelected. Now a new administration can explain to the nation that the unenforceable bathroom section of HB2 will be ignored by law enforcement agencies so that we can get part of the lost business back.

  • Terri Moss Dec 8, 2016
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    I have an idea...instead of focusing on and pointing out the few he didn't completely fulfill, actually give him credit for the 80% that he did!!!