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Professor warns US against hasty action against ISIS

Posted September 10, 2014

— A Duke University professor said Wednesday that the United States needs to take its time in dealing with Islamic militants and not go after the group alone.

David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security and an associate professor at Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy, said the beheadings of two U.S. journalists and other atrocities committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has produced an overreaction by the public and sensational political dialogue.

"Some of the rhetoric where they're saying we must destroy ISIS right away and that we're in imminent peril is overdoing it and could lead us into some imprudent decision," Schanzer said.

He said the U.S. should take a deep breath and confront ISIS in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.

"What we really need is to muster a coalition of Muslim Arab nations along with Western allies," he said.

Schanzer said ISIS poses an immediate threat to U.S. interests abroad, not at home.

"I think it's a manageable threat," he said. "That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but I think it's manageable."

The political attacks flying across the aisle in Washington, D.C., will soon cease in favor of a more unified voice against the militants, who have seized control of a network of cities and roads across Iraq and Syria, he said.

"I think in the end, actually, there's going to be a fair amount of consensus on what we should do going forward, he said.


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  • Jerry Sawyer Sep 11, 2014
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    Why in the world would we actually listen to what a professor has to say. Get real.

  • beaupeep Sep 11, 2014

    Look at the professor's resume. He's been toting the liberal water his whole career.

  • ncprr1 Sep 11, 2014

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    Mr Know-it-all, no comment on my religion (Christian) being as violent as Islam. I think you pretty much showed your true colors there.

    As far as you...and some of your America-hating liberal cohorts on here, trying to muddy the water with why who went where when... Iraq, Afghanistan, whatever. GWB stood up and said that we were going to war against terrorists, wherever you are, anyone providing safe haven would be considered one of them, choose if you want to be with us or against us...Sound familiar? It should, because your Pal Barry, a known terrorist sympathizer has been on TV for the past couple of days plagiarizing that speech nearly verbatim. The only difference is, Bush meant it and backed it up (in many places) and Barry is parroting what his handlers tell him to say, because his poll numbers are through the floor. He has no idea how to back it up, nor does he want to.

  • ncprr1 Sep 11, 2014

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    Don't forget about Bill Ayers, college professor/liberal hero/domestic terrorist...don't want to leave him out.

  • LetsBeFair Sep 11, 2014

    There is only one enemy in this president's eyes ... The United States.

  • Olenc Native Sep 11, 2014
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    Sure, let's just ignore the guy with a PhD in public policy. I mean, he's only dedicated his entire life to its study. A bunch of anonymous people who hastily read an article (if at all) are certainly more qualified.

    Dr. Schanzer is simply bringing the voice of reason to the conversation.

  • Olenc Native Sep 11, 2014
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    WW2. They built the bomb.

  • ziva Sep 11, 2014

    OK, he is a Professor so we should expect him to be a liberal..........

  • common tater Sep 11, 2014

    I'm with LEEcounty. Let the professor go on over there and muster. The reality is that while SA may give us some desert space for landing strips, getting real Muslim help on any significant scale isn't going to happen...surely his "years of research" make that clear. I love the janitor comment too. The reality is that the internet and social media have allowed these groups to become so spread out and organized that the methods of dealing with them have to be complex and fluid. I really like the comparison to the atomic bomb inventor...are you saying we should nuke Syria? Other than that I don't see how it's relevant. WMD didn't exist? I guess that's news to the families of thousands of Kurds who died in chemical attacks.

  • K Hope Capps Sep 11, 2014
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    That's why we went to AFGHANISTAN. Why did we go into Iraq under Junior? Oh, right. To save Daddy's face.