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Probationer faces DWI charge in two Cary Crossroads wrecks

Posted April 4, 2010

— A 32-year-old woman on probation for driving while impaired faces the same charge again after police say she caused two wrecks in Cary Crossroads shopping center Saturday night.

Police said that Golden Angela Garrette was involved in a wreck at Walnut and Meeting streets shortly before 9:30 p.m. She kept driving on Meeting Street but wrecked for a second time at Crossroads Boulevard.

Garrette abandoned her vehicle and fled, but officers apprehended her after a short foot chase, police said.

Some other motorists suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

Garrette was charged with hit-and-run, along with DWI. She was released from the Wake County jail Sunday morning after posting a $15,000 bond. Her first court appearance was set for Monday.

Garrette is serving 2 years' probation for a 2008 DWI conviction in Guilford County, according to state Department of Correction records. She was also convicted of assaulting or threatening a government official.


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  • superman Apr 5, 2010

    I hope that she makes a request to attend the next school board meeting.

  • Garnerwolf1 Apr 5, 2010

    Don't know what car she was driving, but isn't there some device that DWI offenders have to blow into before their car will start? I know I've heard of it, but don't know anything specific. Does anyone else? That pic is pretty funny though.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 5, 2010

    Let's go the "less government" route.

    Stop the government from making & enforcing all these unnecessary laws (like DWI) and just let people do what they want. Private security details and private insurance companies can handle everything us.

    Any so-called "less government" folks with me? ;-)

  • Get-a-Grip Apr 5, 2010

    Is this another DMV photo, or the actual booking photo? Do I need to run out and buy a SLAMMER magazine just to see if I recognize her?

  • TooMuchDrama Apr 5, 2010

    Wow! She sure is grinning from ear to ear. I am not sure I would be smiling so much.

  • Journey985 Apr 5, 2010

    "why don't we put our 'criminals' to WORK. Painting, mowing, cleaning, chopping, litter picking, anything.....to IMPROVE our state." I am with you 100% on that one. Problem is, they tried that many years ago...they were called "Chain Gangs" and while they are still in use in many states, I have not heard of one in NC.

  • Get-a-Grip Apr 5, 2010

    Thank you Journey! I still prefer for DWIers to remain in jail...TOO many repeat offenders!

    fkozlof ~ WHAT? Why jail? Why LOCK them away? Because then they cannot go out and KILL someone with a repeat offense. I would love to see them work, in fact work until their hands were bloody and then RETURNED to their jail cell for an 8 hours rest before working again. Unfortunately, someone came up with the c0k-a-mamy excuse that law breakers had rights.

  • Every Good Boy Does Fine Apr 5, 2010

    I come from a long line of these folks. I have seen nothing work except jail. It's awful, but it's true, and I'm ashamed of my state that we don't seriously prosecute these folks who know they are doing wrong and just don't care about the rest of us. They love me at the reunion.

  • I know some stuff Apr 5, 2010

    I don't understand why we want to put so many people in JAIL?
    With the state budget problems, and so much that needs to be done, instead of fines & jail time, why don't we put our 'criminals' to WORK. Painting, mowing, cleaning, chopping, litter picking, anything.....to IMPROVE our state.

  • Every Good Boy Does Fine Apr 5, 2010

    That part about impounding the cars...they have a DUI auction in Linden every month where they sell hundreds of them to benefit the schools. Interesting idea, but the supply never seems to go down. Jail time might get more attention. And I ain't talking about weekends.