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Private school employee accused of embezzling money

Posted October 21, 2008

— A former private school employee is facing charges.

Denise Scheidt, 35, is accused of embezzling more than $48,000 from Southern Wake Montessori School.

According to the arrest warrant, a portion of the money came from tuition payments.

Scheidt was out of jail Tuesday evening on $5,000 bond.


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  • jessicaguido06 Oct 28, 2008

    What ever happened to "innocent, until proven guilty"???

  • pam5036 Oct 23, 2008

    As an employee of this school for the past 7 months and as a Mother of 2 children (one who recently graduated from college and the other one currently in college), I would like to say that this school has a warmth and dedication to their students unlike any school of which I am familiar. It starts from the top with the Head of the School and continues through the faculty, Board, PTT, and parents. There is no doubt but that the staff has only the best interests of the children in mind, and I only wish that my own children could have experienced a school that is as dedicated to the children as Southern Wake Montessori. It would behoove anyone who questions the integrity of this school to visit and see for yourself what a wonderful school this is.

  • jenbryant Oct 23, 2008

    I am the vice president of the "shady" Board of Trustees at Southern Wake Montessori School. I would like to invite anyone with opinions on this school out to learn about the school firsthand. There is no way to come to our school and not see the "heart" that beats there every day. We are not a rich, fancy private school. SWMS is a small nonprofit made up of ordinary parents who are making sacrifices for their children's education. Our teachers are the most dedicated group of professionals you could ever find. When I send my son to school every day I know that his teachers are committed to his education and they respect and value the person that he is. I invite you to come and ask for me. I'll give you a tour myself because I am proud of our school, proud of our teachers, proud of our parents, proud of our administration, proud of our board, and most of all proud of our children. Jennifer Bryant, Vice President, Southern Wake Montessori School Board of Trustees

  • MarleyMon Oct 22, 2008

    My son was enrolled at the Montessori school when this was going on and my wife and I felt "something was up" financially b/c they were constantly begging for money but I chalked it up to a parent run school and none of them knew anything about money. Turns out one of them did. She was acting director for a while too, once they ran off the old director. so it does not surprise me at all that she got away with it for this long. May she rot in jail but she will not b/c it's a white collar crime committed by a white woman w/ kids (I'm white too) and they don't send white women to prison for white collar crimes.

  • info27 Oct 22, 2008

    My child went to this school while she was the director. It was in such bad financial shape and they'd been heavily soliciting donations from the parents, even asking for our tax rebate checks last spring. We knew something was up. The issues go way deeper and I wouldn't be surprised if more people are charged. This was a parent run school with a board, a very shady board. I'm very curious to see how this unfolds. Thankfully we're not there anymore to have my child continue to be a victim of this madness.

  • DougWare.NET Oct 22, 2008

    First, I am a firm believer in vouchers.

    Second, theft is never justified.

    Third, why is it when people embezzle money they embezzle tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Although it's not right, I could see someone stealing $400 to help out with their rent or car payment one month. How does anyone steal that much money and think they won't be caught?

    Lastly, how does a company, or school in this case, not account for over $40,000?

  • GWALLY Oct 22, 2008

    More of that "social interaction" that the home schoolers DON'T GET !!!!!

  • Garnerwolf1 Oct 22, 2008

    "We can only get rid of the "corruption" of "government schools" if we hand everything over to a well-run private instiution with checks and balances that will be more efficient and cost less!"

    You don't think this stuff doesn't happen every day in all types of organizations all over the world!? If your answer is no, I've got some waterfront property to sell...

  • ncwebguy Oct 22, 2008

    Where are all the folks who keep shouting that Pat McCrory is right -- vouchers baby vouchers! Let the "free market" decide!

    She could have stolen a lot *more* money if tax dollars were involved!

    We can only get rid of the "corruption" of "government schools" if we hand everything over to a well-run private instiution with checks and balances that will be more efficient and cost less!

  • superman Oct 22, 2008

    They must have had a lot of money-- 50,000 gone and they didnt miss it. What about annual independent audits?