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Prison's Substance Abuse Counselor Resigns After Drug Arrest

Posted August 1, 2007

— A substance abuse counselor at the state's women's prison has resigned following an arrest on drug charges.

A Wake County sheriff's deputy arrested Valencia Juanita Sanders, 25, Saturday night on Poole Road in Raleigh and charged her with one count of selling and delivery of cocaine, one count of conspiring to sell and deliver cocaine and one count of possession of cocaine.

Sanders resigned from her post with the Department of Correction's Division of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency on Monday, according to DOC spokesman Keith Acree. She had been assigned to the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women since December 2004.

Acree declined to comment further on the matter, citing personnel issues.

WRAL tried repeatedly to reach Sanders for comment Wednesday but was unable to do so.


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  • proudmama Aug 2, 2007


  • proudmama Aug 2, 2007


  • Corvus Aug 2, 2007


    I still work for the state as a probation officer. I never said she was for a fact supplying inmates with drugs. I said that she might have been doing this. If she was, she needs to do jail time for it, not probation.

    I do agree with everyone on the fact that state employees as a whole are not well paid, and most of us do have 2 or 3 jobs. If the state would pay better, then they might get better people that would stick around. However, the governor does not think the rank and file employees are worth anything!

  • UDontKno Aug 2, 2007

    I agree with Amanda..
    First off...U never know what it is that people are dealing with and the things that they are going through. I know her and I think that yes she made a mistake, but we do not know what she was going through, or even what she was thinking. Yes it's a shame that someone with her field, was caught up in this kind of situation, but I think way too many people on here are making it out to be something it never was and assuming things that just aren't true. No one ever said she was giving it to clients or anything! I can't believe how so many people are attacking her instead of praying for her. What has happened to this world..

  • Stormy13 Aug 2, 2007

    2AMANDA2: Thank you for your stement! I too work within DOC and feel the same way. Don't judge us all by that one individual.

  • 2AMANDA2 Aug 2, 2007


    you asked where was the supervision. what did her supervisors have to do with what she did off work on her own time? we state workers are expected to conduct ourselves in accordance with the law and ethics or it can affect our job. that in no way implies our supervisors can supervise our private time. anytime i make a decision to do something, right or wrong, i think about my job and i work for corrections also.

    people are passing a lot of judgement on state workers in general, but these bad apples are in no way an accurate representation of the whole bunch!

  • then who cares Aug 1, 2007

    No big deal--I have a pretty good idea why I'm being censored!! cheap!!

  • floyd_lawson Aug 1, 2007

    this is no big surprise. being qualified for a job has little or nothing to do with the hiring process of state government employees.

  • markdaman Aug 1, 2007

    Another sorry state employee screwing it up for the good ones. I work with several so I know. Where is the supervision?

  • jetset Aug 1, 2007

    The fox guarding the hen house?