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Princeton High administrator, officer suspended in gun incident

Posted March 16, 2011

— An assistant principal at Princeton High School and a school resource officer were each suspended for two days after a gun was found on campus two weeks ago, authorities said Wednesday.

Assistant Principal Catherine Bennett allowed the school's auto mechanics class to work on her car, not knowing that she had left a gun in the glove box, said Tammy Amaon, spokeswoman for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

Bennett asked Deputy Andy Worley, the school resource office at Princeton High, to search the car on March 4, saying she had misplaced her gun and hadn't been able to find it. Worley found the gun in the car's glove box but didn't remove it, Amaon said.

Students in the class later found the weapon and showed it to classmates, Amaon said.

Johnston County prosecutors have decided not to file any charges in the case, she said.


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  • ktland Mar 21, 2011

    If you all are so concerned with this why don't you say something to her face instead of snickering about her behind her back like little kids. Maybe you all need to go back to school and grow up. You people obviously have no life if some of you have commented over 10 times on this story! Do you just sit there and refresh the page waiting for people to make more comments?! Don't you have jobs- or are you not doing your jobs because you are posting on WRAL in the middle of the day? I'm sure some of you attend games- seeing as you made references to your children attending the school. Why don't you say something to her face if you are so worried about it rather than hiding yourself behind a WRAL screen name? You people are pathetic.

  • amylovesjulian Mar 17, 2011

    This is the same lady that suspended my child for three days because of a facial piercing, even after I made her take it out. This lady got two days for having a gun! Something is terribly wrong here. She blabbed on and on about school policy to me, and was not very polite at the time. I guess, rules only apply for certain people. If this would have been one the students they would have been put put in jail and suspened probably for the rest of the year. I guess the next time a student gets caught with a gun they can use a stupid excuse as well to get out of trouble. I don't buy any of it and she should of been fired!!

  • imsosorry Mar 17, 2011

    100% agreed aalthaus75

  • aalthaus75 Mar 17, 2011

    I think that she should have been punished just like if it was a student that had taken the gun!! It's not fair that she gets off this easy. She would had made sure that if it was a high school student that they would have been expelled or suspended, because I hear that she is real good at doing that.

  • imsosorry Mar 17, 2011

    oh and attorneys in Johnston County, they had a say in it, thats a big joke in itself. Half of them are in jail already, lol.

  • imsosorry Mar 17, 2011

    I can tell you this is not over.

  • imsosorry Mar 17, 2011

    Reason...clearly the right decision was NOT made if either of these adults involved still have their job !!!

  • Reason Mar 17, 2011

    "Born and Raised JOCO"...Clearly.

    None of you know all of the facts of the case. I'm sure this was a descision made by several people putting their heads together and coming up with a plan that is best for everyone. I know, I know, none of those attorneys inlvolved, the sheriff nor Dr. Croom are as smart and as all knowing as some of you. But you gotta think that all of them together had to have made the right decsion. come on people.

  • peaceout Mar 16, 2011



  • jennyholmes20 Mar 16, 2011

    How can Ed Croom justify this action there are kids that have been sent home for having brung play guns to school. This is the same principal that brung the uniforms to Selma Middle school the only town in johnston county wearing uniforms other than safe school that is used for punishment that should have never happened. Selma schools are mostly black and hispanic and princeton is mostly white the parents need to pull togehter and change this prejudice is still alive. I was told that a black guy was fired a couple of years ago for having a gun on campus Out with the uniforms and out with Catherine Bennet. If one johnston county town has to wear the uniforms then all of them should have to. My child goes to Riverwood Middle and they don"t wear them sounds like something against blacks and hispanics if you ask me. Johnston County already has a dress code in place so why does Selma kids have to be picked on why didn"t she suggest the kids in princeton wear them Fire her gun carrying self.