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Prescription drug comparison website

Posted January 21, 2013

Have you heard of   It's a prescription drug comparison site that was started by a former Facebook engineer who thought it should be easier to find the lowest price for prescriptions. Basically, it's a prescription drug price comparison tool that gets pricing information from pharmacies throughout the United States and allows you to search for the lowest price at local pharmacies. They also offer pharmacy coupons (if available) and pricing for online pharmacies.

It's very easy to search for prescriptions on their website. You just enter the prescrtiption name and your zip code. The search engine will then generate a list of area pharmacies that carry the medicine and the price of the drug.

Using the website, you may find that buying a generic drug without insurance at one pharmacy is actually less expensive than buying the same drug with insurance at another pharmacy.  If you do not have insurance at all, this could be an especially helpful tool. Once you search for the medication you need, you'll probably want to call the pharmacy to verify the price before you head over to their location. even has a mobile app which is great if you are at the doctor's office and want to find the best price for filling your script before you leave the parking lot. Consumer Reports actually recommended their app in May 2012. You can read their recommendation on

If you have used this website before, please share your experience.

My thanks to Pete, a Smart Shopper reader who recommended I share the information about



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  • hhall Jan 22, 2013

    Just an FYI for those who have family or friends who cannot afford their medications. There are 2 other options worth mentioning. Costco has one of the cheapest cash prices around for many prescription medications, and you do not have to have a membership to use the pharmacy at Costco. Also go to and you can research any prescription assistance programs that may be available for your medications.

  • quemaster Jan 22, 2013

    Another note: Talk to your doctor/healthcare professional about generic options. Often times there are drugs that have lost patent protection that work as well as newer versions and are much cheaper. Do this especially if you are in the "donut" hole or lack insurance coverage. Your doctor may not know your circumstances and may have a new drug on his mind so ASK!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 22, 2013

    I am so glad to hear this site has been helpful, everyone.

    And remember, if you are on a fixed income and you flat out can't afford a medicine, work with your doctor's office and the manufacturer to try and get it for free or greatly reduced.

  • jdouglas13 Jan 22, 2013

    Faye, thanks so much for this. My DW spent 7 months in the Medicare donut hole in 2012, and believe me, that is one scary place to be when you are living on a minimal fixed income, and your doctor has just prescribed yet another medication to the tune of $700 a month, and that's for the co-pay. We never fill a RX without lots of research first, and this will be a huge help to us.

  • akcregistered Jan 22, 2013

    Actually I used a different coupon ( This coupon by GoodRx was cheaper. I will use this from now on.

  • akcregistered Jan 22, 2013

    Faye, I just used this yesterday. I do not have insurance. My antibiotic was going to be over $100. I paid $ the same pharmacy that I paid over $100 for it before. Thank you so much!

  • hollyh515 Jan 21, 2013

    Thanks Faye. I work in the medical field. This will help so many people. There is a large number of people who do not have prescription coverage or Medicare patients who are in the "donut hole." This will benefit so many people, thanks Faye and Pete.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 21, 2013

    Thanks for the additional info, quemaster.

    I checked out the site for the monthly prescription I take and it is cheaper with my insurance. But, if I didn't have insurance, I could be paying $20 more per month at some pharmacies than others, according to the pricing at goodrx.

    Feel free to share the link comprehend.

  • needserenitytowin Jan 21, 2013

    Thank You Pete and Faye - this will come in very handy for many !!

    I plan on sharing the link with others if that is OK .

  • quemaster Jan 21, 2013

    Faye, this is a good idea. My only caveat is BE CAREFUL! Online pharmacies have been linked to drugs of questionable pedigree and counterfeit products. Their source of pharmaceuticals is not as consistent as a traditional source. Having said that, there is documented cases, too, of traditional sources having counterfeit drugs. I don't buy online. I work in the pharma industry and just wouldn't do it. BUT, I do comparison shop! BTW...another warning: Some pharmacies charge to access the lower prices. I'm not endorsing CVS but that is where I shop. The meds I take are available at the best prices and they are close by. However, check this site out, I did, and see if there are better prices!