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Prepare to pay more in 2014

Posted January 14, 2014

Price hikes are coming in 2014 for a lot of items consumers love. Here's what it will mean to your bottom line, according to Deal News.

1. The next iPhone: For tech fans who must have the latest gadget, there's some buzz about Apple's iPhone 6. Analysts say it could cost about $50 more than previous models, starting between $249 and $299 with a two-year contract.

2. Wine: Bad weather hit France hard, especially the Bordeaux region. The supply is the lowest it's been in 12 years, which will lead to higher prices.

3. Stamps: Here we go again. Starting Jan. 26, stamps will go from 46 cents to 49 cents. The increase makes another case for buying Forever stamps.

4. Milk: We've been hearing about prices doubling, even tripling for milk. It's all tied to the farm bill stuck in Congress. Expect to see increases.

5. McDonald's Dollar Menu: The fast-food giant renamed its popular dollar menu to ‘Dollar Menu and More.’ The “more” means some of the options are now $2 and $5.

Another thing worth mentioning: Houses. It's good or bad depending whether you're a seller or a buyer. Over the past year, data shows home prices nationwide increased almost 11 percent.

Visit Deal News online to read the complete list of pricier items for 2014.

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  • albegadeep Jan 15, 2014

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    Seriously? Obama's fault that Apple is charging more, bad weather in France, increased stamp cost (post office is NOT government-run!), Congress' deadlock over the farm bill, and McDonald's price increases?

    This is NOT a political article. Please leave it that way.