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Power restored after transformer substation fire

Posted July 25, 2010
Updated July 26, 2010

— An electrical fire at a transformer substation knocked out power Sunday night to more than 8,000 people in Wake County. Power was restored by Monday morning.

The outages began just after 9 p.m. when the substation at 2602 Rolesville Road near Wendell caught fire. Witnesses told WRAL News that they heard a pop and saw a lightning strike before the blaze. The fire was extinguished by 11 p.m.

Progress Energy officials said customers were without power throughout Wendell, Rolesville and Knightdale. Power was rerouted around the substation to bring customers back online, officials said.

The Raleigh-based utility set up a mobile transformer at the site Monday to supply power to the area while crews work to repair the substation.

The exact cause of the substation fire remains under investigation.


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  • Healthy Skeptic Jul 26, 2010

    Right on "ginnymarcom2"!

    Whatever they are getting paid, they deserve it. It is a very dangerous job. Our family is always so thankful for the linemen.

    If you wanna grip about the executives' pay - that's one thing. But the linemen are extraordinary. My kids even asked me to stop and pray for them and the firefighters and the police so that they wouldn't get hurt and be able to do their jobs quickly. They get it. Why can't folks like "Basilboxer"?

  • Ambygirl Jul 26, 2010

    Basilboxer why are you against those people getting paid over-time to go out in this kind of heat and work all night to restore power so you can lie in your bed and be cool while they are away from their families and could possibly get heat stroke from the work they do???? And I believe PE asked the Utilities Commission for a decrease in the rates just recently. Some people are sooooo selfish!!! I personally am VERY thankful to all those folks that repair and keep our power on. They aren't responsible for lightening and thunderstorms..........jeez, get a life!!

  • kimisufu Jul 26, 2010

    "You will get the bill for it, by paying higher rates for the next couple of months!" FALSE.
    Rates will not go up for customers due to yesterday's events at the substation. In fact, many of the men out working last night do not make overtime. Some do, however. Everyone will pay a premium for electricity in this heatwave. Or would you rather do without electricity? Seems like a small price to pay.

  • axford Jul 26, 2010

    I get the thank yous everyone is posting however they get paid good OT money to work after hours. Think they would do it for free or regular pay? You will get the bill for it, by paying higher rates for the next couple of months!

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jul 26, 2010

    That's great they got it restored. We can turn back on the cartoons for the kiddies now. Thanks great people, bringing back the power is such a nice thing that you've done.

  • showsomelove Jul 26, 2010

    Thanks! CPL/Progress Energy for getting my lights back on last night so promptly! When the lights are out it's so amazing to see how the earth is trully still has light. I tell you that's an Awesome man up those stairs! The beauty of nature is priceless!

  • Rockermom Jul 26, 2010

    common, I echo your comment. So many times we complain about the utility companies, but I think Progress Energy has been doing a great job. I can remember the days when the power would be interrupted for the least little thing and it took so much longer to get it restored. Good job, PE!!

  • smb9422 Jul 26, 2010

    We had a short brownout when this occurred and we live in the Flower's Plantation area East of Clayton.

  • sneeziegal Jul 26, 2010

    after the hottest day of the year, amen to that!

  • cfarmer Jul 26, 2010

    I was one of those without power. Sometimes we complain about our AC not "keeping up." But once it goes off and you lay in a hot bed sweating for about 4 hours, you're dang glad it does what it does!!! Thanks to those that made the needed repairs to get the power back on!