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Posters promoting violence appear in North Carolina cities

Posted August 24

— Posters spotted in North Carolina cities appear to advocate violence against anti-fascists.

Media outlets report that the signs recently began appearing in Durham and Chapel Hill say "hospitalize your local antifa scumbag." They also show three figures holding weapons.

The posters are likely related to the recent protests in Durham, where a confederate statue was toppled by protesters during a rally, and on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill, where hundreds of students and community members gathered to rally for the removal of the "Silent Sam" statue.

Protesters topple Confederate statue during Durham rally

Both protests ended in arrests.

Flyers advocate violence

Antifa refers to an anti-fascist group that seeks to fight fascism with direct action.

The posters have the initials YWNRU, and the email "You will not replace us" is a white-supremacist slogan.

Matt Gladdek of Downtown Durham Inc. says he reported the email to Proton Mail, which replied it has been suspended.

The posters have been spotted on utility poles and near bus stops. City leaders, including Durham City Councilman Charlie Reece, say signs on utility poles are illegal and are asking anyone who sees one to report it.


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  • John Archer Aug 24, 7:58 p.m.
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    Well said, thank you.

  • Jackie Strouble Aug 24, 7:15 p.m.
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    Rev. Martin Luther King preached peace and non-violence. He and his marchers were attacked, beaten and bloodied and a few were murdered, but they were not deterred. So the white supremacists shot him dead. Many whites openly rejoiced. Others allowed as how he had it coming for daring to challenge the status quo. Then they smugly decried "violence" when it broke out in the form of riots.

    Rev. William Barber led massive, 100% peaceful marches week after week after week in our state. And where were all you conservative defenders of free speech and peaceful protest then? The comments were many and the vast majority were virulently hateful and called for all sorts of illegal retribution against the man who dared to stand up for the American ideals of peace, justice, and equality.

    I second John Archer. We see you for what you really are, in spite of your feeble attempts to deflect the national dialogue on hate & racism in America to the Antifa.

  • Jackie Strouble Aug 24, 7:02 p.m.
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    I won't defend the Antifa. I abhor their message and their tactics. All they've accomplished is to give more ammunition to racist Trump and his cult of minions to spread the blame to "many sides."
    Not that the narcissists of the alt-right actually NEED an excuse to indulge in their favorite pastimes of deflection and gaslighting. They do it just for fun. Look closely and dispassionately at the comments here from Trump emulators and you will realize that they, like their president, are not making an argument. They are merely displaying their symptoms.

  • John Archer Aug 24, 3:32 p.m.
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    Hate group is not the same thing as terrorist group.

  • Robert Williams Aug 24, 3:18 p.m.
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    LOL...That poster is full of BS!! If Anitfa or whatever they hell they are called isn't a hate group I don't know what is.

  • Rod Runner Aug 24, 2:11 p.m.
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    Forgot to add, these posters and their message are terrorism. You replied to this article and only mentioned that Antifa is bad, when there are people threatening violence themselves?

  • Rod Runner Aug 24, 2:08 p.m.
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    But why must the "Alt-Right" step up to violence? I thought they were a political ideology. Antifa never claimed to be one.

    And it's no longer the "Alt-Right" when they are carrying Nazi flags and KKK flags and even have a "uniform" they wear. I'll mostly give a pass to someone flying the Confederate flag, because at least it, in the end, they were Americans.

    But Nazi flags and KKK flags? No dang way. And how dare they mix those flags with "Don't Tread On Me" flags. They're the people that are treading on it.

  • Rod Runner Aug 24, 2:04 p.m.
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    I guess the same can be said with these things:

    How ignorant do you have to be to...

    believe that Nazi's were Socialist just because it was in their party name. People's Republic of China is not a Republic. And the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not Democratic nor a Republic and certainly not for the people.

    overlook the secession papers of Southern states during the Civil War where they said they joined the Confederacy because they needed slave labor and then say the war wasn't about slavery.

    say that the KKK was founded by Democrats so they must still be Democrats when the Republican and Democratic parties have changed over time.

    not realize that many of the Confederate monuments were built during Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement and words and plaques carved on many of them tout white supremacy.

    I could go on, but there isn't much room here. Not saying YOU said these things, just pointing out ignorance too.

  • Rod Runner Aug 24, 1:55 p.m.
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    Which statues specifically have been up for over 100 years? The one pulled down in Durham has not. Many were put up to promote white supremacy and not the Confederacy. They just used the Confederacy as an excuse.

    You don't build a monument 60 years after defeat unless you're trying to use it for some other purpose.

    Heck, some "Confederate" monuments were built or rededicated with new plaques in the 1950's and 60's, suspiciously at the same time that civil rights started pushing forward... Hmmm.

    The only Confederate monuments that make sense to me are in cemeteries where Confederate dead are buried.

  • James Freeman Aug 24, 12:22 p.m.
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    Yes, and they're not "anti-fascist". They are Anti-First Amendment, and are neo-liberal fascists themselves. They seek to shut everyone down who disagrees with them, and they use violence to do it. They're 'low-information tools' of the 'Deep State', who is still trying its best to start a race/civil war here in the US so that they can do away with the First, Second & Fourth Amendments at the very least and turn us all into the slaves they think we should be. They don't want us American people to be free any more, and they're using Antifa and BLM and KKK 'low-information' types to further their evil plans for the rest of us.