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Postal Service may close Fayetteville processing centers

Posted December 5, 2011

— The U.S. Postal Service is considering closing two mail-processing and distribution facilities in Fayetteville that employ more than 400 people and moving the operations to Charlotte.

The agency has scheduled a public hearing at 6 p.m. Monday at Fayetteville Technical Community College to discuss the proposal.

A recent study found that the Postal Service could save nearly $22 million by closing its facility on Green Street and an annex on Downing Road to a facility in Charlotte that has excess capacity. The move would improve efficiency and productivity, according to the study.

The Fayetteville processing and distribution facilities are among 252 around the country that are being studied for possible closure. The Postal Service has 487 such operations nationwide.

Postal Service spokeswoman Monica Robbs said many Fayetteville workers would have the opportunity to move to Charlotte if the closures occur, but more than 100 jobs would be eliminated in the consolidation.


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  • ladyofthehouse Dec 6, 2011

    I really hate to see the post office close any offices. I think they are an important part of our community. While I don't go into a post office that often when I do I get good service and I've seen the employees have to put up with some ill customers. Our government is so anxious to bail out everyone else, I say help the post office out. I am a conservative and do not favor big government but the PO is more deserving than some.

  • sunneyone Dec 6, 2011

    The post office is Garner is wonderful. Everyone is nice and they move people out pretty quickly. I've been at the back of a line through the building and only waited about 15 minutes.

    I love the Post Office and find their rates better than UPS (who charges more for Saturday delivery).

  • sunneyone Dec 6, 2011

    Great, so one of the most competitive job markets in our state will lose 400 jobs? I wonder how many of them can just pick up and move to Charlotte.....

  • cwood3 Dec 6, 2011

    The USPS is so messed up it's not funny. Basic business-reducing service, increasing delivery times, raising rates. DUH-too many liberal beaurocrats running the show.

    Belks does not raise rates when they want to improve revenue. They do close poorly operated stores-or low volume stores. They do not raise prices and hope for the best. They reduce prices to increase volume.

    Only Amtrack, municipal bus services, and other gov't run groups do this crazy math of reducing service and increasing rates!!

    Oh-Congress needs to get out of the way as well.

  • mfarmer1 Dec 6, 2011


    The post office is Privatized, It just is regulated heavily.

    Closing down the Downing Road Post Office Distribution Has got to be one of the dumbest Ideas I have ever heard. It is right off of 95. So basically all the mail north and south needs to travel west thru the state, then back just to get here?

    At any rate, I would rather see them stop Saturday delivery.

  • laniohana Dec 6, 2011

    Good close it. The USPS it the epitamy of gluttony. When you have people that are being paid retirement longer that they worked something is horribly wrong and thats why they are costing us BILLIONS to support!! BTY I know of what I speak as I have family that retired from the USPS,

  • bigal02282 Dec 6, 2011

    Gonna suk for the employees, but it needs to be done.

  • Glass Half Full Dec 6, 2011

    I don't believe they'll ever close facilities in Fayetteville that employ so many former military. I just can't see that happening. And, sadly, other commenters are correct when they say service at most PO's is awful. The one on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville is the worst one I know of. I'll drive way out of my way to do business at the one in Haymount. I NEVER mail anything at the one on Ramsey Street, it takes a regular letter at least 10 days to reach its destination.

  • fayncmike Dec 6, 2011

    "All the post offices ar pathetic excuses for customer service much less a business. Privatize the it sll, let the employees reapply for employment-New Rules. North Hills post office is just plan darn poor and getting worse each visit.

    That happened years ago. Where were you?

  • workingforthosethatwont Dec 5, 2011

    poor customer service, poor management and really bad attitudes when you go into the local post offices. I feel bad for the ones that made this their career. It's almost an entitlement attitude.