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Possible sale of Seaboard Station worries business owners

Posted June 3, 2013

— Beer is Jason Cole's business.

He's been managing Tyler's Bottle Shop since it opened a year and a half ago at Seaboard Station. But the future of his shop and others has been uncertain since the downtown Raleigh shopping center owner filed for bankruptcy.

“If someone does take over this spot and wants to use it for something else, then we could possibly leave,” Cole said.

William Peace University, which is adjacent to the shopping center, has expressed interest in buying the property, possibly to expand.

Not everyone is happy about that idea.

“We don’t feel that a university’s long-term goals for expansion are necessarily the same of a popular retail shopping center like Seaboard Station,” said Philip Bernard, a community advocate.

Several community groups have sent a letter to the school, asking administrators to reconsider the purchase.

Administrators were unavailable for comment but released this statement: "William Peace University is committed to the local community and should we ever acquire the property, we would certainly work with the community in a positive way to enhance its value to the city and beyond."

Cole said he sees why the purchase would be attractive for the university.

“They are pretty much land-locked, so they can’t grow,” he said. “They’ve got to think of their survival, too.”


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  • ncdime1235 Jun 4, 2013

    Peace can do like Wake Tech and expand in other areas of Raleigh. Leave Seaboard Station as is.

  • Bill Brasky Jun 4, 2013

    "It must not be too profitable if the owner just filed for bankruptcy protection."

    Seaboard station seemed fully rented last time I went. Most likely the owner made other bad investments.

  • sc2005 Jun 4, 2013

    "It must not be too profitable if the owner just filed for bankruptcy protection."

    The businesses in Seaboard Station are popular and profitable; it's the company that owns the property that's filing for bankruptcy. Seaboard Station has contributed significantly to the revitalization of the whole Peace/Person/Blount St district and the general quality of life of near-by residents. If you haven't been by there, you should see it for yourself!

  • jort919 Jun 3, 2013

    18 Seaboard is one of the best restaurants in Raleigh. Would hate to see it disappear.

  • djofraleigh Jun 3, 2013

    It must not be too profitable if the owner just filed for bankruptcy protection.-- COMMENT

    Don't you just love the public's honesty and open questioning? I do.

  • djofraleigh Jun 3, 2013

    A picture would add a lot to the story.


  • Cock a doodle doo Jun 3, 2013

    Well maybe these business owners should partner and form their own company to buy the property. If the company is bankrupt and the University can and intends to buy it . . . Sold.

  • ccsmith1902 Jun 3, 2013

    Another vague statement by Deborah Townsley. One minute she praises the retail area, and the next is "should be ever aquire the property. Someone needs to ask her for a direct answer. It has been like this since the purchase was first brought up.

  • pm2 Jun 3, 2013

    Yea, maybe the ones that want to stay should consider a purchase....

  • beachboater Jun 3, 2013

    It must not be too profitable if the owner just filed for bankruptcy protection.