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Popular weather graphics, old mobile site are back

Posted January 20, 2014

7-Day Forecast

Thank you for the feedback on the new WRAL.com. Although we beta tested the site with several thousand visitors prior to the launch, there is no substitute for having hundreds of thousands of users weigh in with their observations.

We’ve been reading your feedback, and we’ve used it to make some adjustments:

  • We returned the "classic" 7-day forecast graphic to the main Weather page. Click the 7-Day tab under Maps & More on the right side of the page. The site will remember this preference, and you will be able to see the classic graphic in future visits to the Weather page. Click on it to see a larger version of the 7-Day Forecast
  • We restored the 48-hour line graph show changes in temperature, humidity and dew point. It has been placed on the new Hourly forecast page, which you can get to by going to Weather, then clicking Hourly under the blue navigation bar at the top of the page. There also is a link to the Hourly forecast page from upper right corner of every page. Just put your cursor on the temperature, then click the Hourly link under the radar preview image.
  • We heard from some users of older phones that the new site was too much for their devices to handle. Our old mobile website, which is a smaller and lighter version of the full WRAL.com site, is now available by going to http://m.wral.com in your mobile web browser. 
  • We've also darkened the font of some links on the site to increase contrast and improve readability.

Some of you have told us that there is less content on the site. With a few minor exceptions, we have the same content on the new site as we did on the old. The homepage specifically has the same group of headines as before -- top stories, local news, sports, politics, entertainment, nation & world, SmartShopper, GoAskMom, Health & Life, 5 On Your Side, Tar Heel Traveler, slideshows, stocks, trafficand strange news. However, we have added white space that may create the impression of less content. Also, the streamlining of our navigation bar may lead some users to think there are fewer content options. But all of the sections and pages from the old site are still available.

We encourage you to use the Feedback tab to search for content you have had trouble locating. Typing a few words in the search box will bring up helpful articles. The interactive tour also is a good way to learn about the new design.

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