Poll: Voters show little love toward any elected official

Posted November 22, 2013

— It's tough to hold political office these days.

According to an Elon University Poll released Friday, approval ratings for President Barack Obama, Gov. Pat McCrory, Congress, the North Carolina General Assembly and U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan are all sliding.

Elon surveyed 681 registered voters statewide Nov. 15-18, and the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.76 percentage points.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they approve of Obama's job performance, down from 47 percent in February. Meanwhile, 54 percent in the latest poll say the president is doing a poor job.

Only one in three of those surveyed gave McCrory a thumbs-up, compared with a 46 percent approval rating in April. More than 43 percent said in the latest poll that they dislike his job performance.

Congress recorded its lowest approval rating in the history of the Elon poll, at 8.2 percent, officials said, down from 14 percent just two months ago – before the two-week government shutdown. Almost 85 percent said in the latest poll that Congress is doing a bad job.

That poor showing has dragged Burr's and Hagan's numbers down.

Burr's approval has dropped from about 40 percent to 30 percent since April, and his disapproval number – 33 percent – is now higher than his approval. Hagan has seen less of a slide in her approval numbers, from 40 percent in April to 37 percent now, but her disapproval rating has jumped from about 32 percent to 43 percent.

State lawmakers fared a little better than their Capitol Hill counterparts, with a 31.7 percent approval rating. The rating was down from about 35 percent in April but has hovered in the low 30s for much of the year. Forty-seven percent of respondents gave the General Assembly a thumbs-down.


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  • warrcorick Nov 25, 2013

    Since when?

    Since when have all parties been grouped together for surveys?/ANSWER: Since the Republicans are at their lowest.
    What a great time for a combo survey!

  • Danny22 Nov 25, 2013

    just look who they have put in charge of our healthcare.

  • rasengineers Nov 25, 2013

    In responsed to rcherry132004: When the choices of candidates are bad and worse, what do you do? As long as private money finances campaigns, politicians will respond to the people who finance them, there will be very little choice between candidates, and the general welfare of the people will be ignored in favor of the financial interest of large donors.

  • icdmbpppl Nov 25, 2013

    re-elect or elect no democrats. I'm tired of the socialist democrats trying to control every facet of life. Hands off our healthcare system.

  • rcherry132004 Nov 25, 2013

    Ultimately, the problem is not with the elected but with the people who voted them in. Every year we hear how terrible our government is and every year the same worthless people are re-elected. Until people start voting and removing the dead weight nothing will ever change. But I guess it's easier to complain than take action. "We can't fix problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them." A. Einstein

  • davidgnews Nov 25, 2013

    Why is it a surprise? The whole process has been hijacked, bought out, subsidized, and unfairly taxed to pay for the mess while politicians stay increasingly disconnected from their constituents. They have their own private club at the expense of the country. It's time to seriously re-examine the workings of this system and make some changes, but since they're the ones that would vote on it, that will never happen.

    They already have new connections established so if they do get voted out they can just become lobbyists and remain part of the problem.

    They'll also only make statements when they have no other choice - I promise Burr and Hagan will say very little in a campaign commercial while the announcer does it for them.

  • IndependentAmerican Nov 25, 2013

    "Congress recorded its lowest approval rating in the history of the Elon poll, at 8.2 percent" Who in the blazes are these 8.2 percent?

  • COPs eye Nov 23, 2013

    These politicians are not interested in our issues anymore. They only care about their own pockets and keeping their accounts fat with our money. None of them have the guts to stand up and speak up for what the constituents want. Cowards all of them.

  • wildpig777 Nov 22, 2013

    re - elect no one.

  • wayneboyd Nov 22, 2013

    Add my name to that list, please!!!