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Politician backs campaign promise with cash

Posted January 5, 2010
Updated January 6, 2010

— Republican Scott Keadle announced his candidacy for Congress in North Carolina’s 10th District Tuesday with a twist.

Keadle said if elected he would limit himself to three two-year terms, and he put money behind that promise. He pledged a $500,000 donation to Sentinels for Freedom, a non-profit organization that helps disabled veterans, should he extend his stay in Washington, D.C., beyond six years.

He is currently a member of the Iredell County Board of Commissioners.

Keadle made the pledge in cooperation with the Alliance for Bonded Term Limits, a Pinehurst-based group pushing for accountability from candidates.

Keadle will face incumbent Patrick McHenry, also a Republican, in the primary May 4.


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  • alx Jan 6, 2010

    Seems to me the Democrats don;t have any respect for the common man anymore. Most of them are pro-choice yet we have no choice when it comes to socialized medicine. They want to help up by giving big bail out bucks to detroits auto unions. Chris Dodd gets sweatheart deals on his mortgage, our own governor ignores the state constitutions & appoints someone to take the place of our duly elected state supt. of public instruction. The Dems have ruled this state for a generation & raised our taxes over 1 billion dollars

  • vickistg Jan 6, 2010

    The point is that many, many politicians have "pledged" to self-limit and have gone back on that pledge. Yes, it would prevent us from having a "perfect" candidate re-elected over and over, but how long do you think a representative would STAY perfect in that cesspool? At the very least, it would be good to step back and re-charge or run for a different office so as not to get stale and jaded. I'm sorry, but there isn't a SINGLE lifetime pol that is going to get my vote this year. Having seen the inner workings of a national campaign, I can tell you that the political world changes people.
    We need to support people who are willing to take time from their lives and careers to serve us. That's what a member of Congress is supposed to do, remember? Serve us? REPRESENT us? WORK for US, not worry about how their vote will affect their next campaign.
    Forget about the fact that Scott Keadle is willing to put his money where his mouth is. What has McHenry done for you lately? Hmmm?

  • commonsensical Jan 6, 2010

    Term limits make no sense... in the unlikely event that we finally are able to put someone honest and straightforward into an elected office, we can't keep them there because of 'term limits'.

  • scott29 Jan 6, 2010

    The amount is chosen individually to be enough to wipe out his savings if he breaks his pledge. For me (or either of my opponents) that amount is about $500k. I DON'T have $500k to give away, and that is the point; I cannot AFFORD to break my pledge.
    For the guy who is cynical, I don’t blame you. Most politicians in Washington are crooks and liars. The point of the money bond is to keep politicians from going back on their pledge. I am running against a career politician who has served six years in Washington, two in Raleigh, and has never had a job outside of politics. I have been hard at work as a dentist, running a business, hiring people, and contributing to the economy for more than twenty years. Yes it pays well, but it’s harder than you think.
    For the Democrat: This seat is R+17 and in GOP hands since 1962. We got 57% last cycle, and that was after a brutal primary and with Obama carrying the state. It will be GOP next cycle, regardless of a primary or who wins it.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jan 6, 2010

    It is a good point, but I would hope people would take a similar claim seriously if it was, say 1 or 2 years salary. It's more important how big the sacrifice is not how much money it is.

    If Oprah made this promise for $500K it wouldn't mean anything, she probably has that much in the couch cushions.

  • dbcooper41 Jan 6, 2010

    "It is disturbing to suggest that anyone who can't put up half a million dollar "donation" should not run for office.

    that's an excellent point!

  • Thought Criminal WS Jan 6, 2010

    Reading is fundamental.

    He is putting his money where his mouth is, making a statement to MAKE A DONATION TO CHARITY should he break his word to limit his terms. If he doesn't get re-elected he doesn't break his word.

    "Republicans have no respect for the common man any more"
    Utterly wrong. The common man can respect someone who puts thier money where thier mouth is. Now, had you said no respect for the "lowest COMMON denominator" man it would be more accurate.

  • ncwebguy Jan 6, 2010

    Republicans have no respect for the common man any more.

    It is disturbing to suggest that anyone who can't put up half a million dollar "donation" should not run for office.

    I hope the people in the 10th recognize that they will not be served by someone who puts dollars above doing something for his constituents.

  • Sidekick Jan 6, 2010

    How about I will go and do the best job I can and if you don't like me, vote me OUT! Don't trust this man who is already basing his time in office with personal money issues. Gimmmicky politicians are like tele-evangelists. Usually both are charletans (sp?).

  • BraveHeart Jan 6, 2010

    he wants to get in there pretty bad....and by the way he said he would limit his terms? what if he didnt get reelected? Is the cash still on the table