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Police: Woman set fire to car during repossession

Posted September 3, 2009

— Selma police said that a woman set fire to and destroyed her car in her driveway as two men were trying to repossess it Wednesday afternoon.

Two workers from P&C Recovery came to Latonia Tamika Monroe-Myers' home in the Southern Estates trailer park to repossess her blue 1995 Nissan Maxima, Detective Keith Vaughn said. He said that Monroe-Myers got into an altercation with the men and tried to pull the car off the tow truck.

As she did, a rod securing the car to the tow truck punctured the gas tank, causing a leak, Vaughn said. When Monroe-Myers went back into the house, one worker got into the Nissan and locked the doors.

Monroe-Myers came back out with a lighter and held it to the gas leak, the detective said. The car went up in flames immediately, and Monroe-Myers continued to try to pull it from the tow truck.

The man inside the car escaped with only scorched arm hair, Vaughn said. He did not need medical treatment.

The car was destroyed.

Monroe-Myers, 38, of 115 Lincoln St., was charged with felony burning personal property and felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. She was being held in the Johnston County Jail under a $60,000 secured bond.


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  • thought Sep 3, 2009

    so some here think it is ok to set things on fire? One even asked about it being against the law. Are you serious???? That is arson- if you set your house on fire- it is arson- car- arson- sofa- arson. It is not ok- A person was in that car. Would it be different if it was your family member who went to work and someone set it on fire while they were inside?????
    There is a big differnce between a sticker and setting a car on fire - stickers can be removed. you can't remove burns.

  • THE ETERNAL Sep 3, 2009

    You go girl.

  • NMBound Sep 3, 2009

    usmilewme2 - If you are making payments on a vehicle you do not own it; you and the holder of the title owns the vehicle. Making changes to it is one thing not paying for it is another.

  • NMBound Sep 3, 2009

    Clickclackity2 -

    "If she was smart and wanted to get revenge, she would have done like most people do when their homes are repo'ed, so to speak, especially if you know they're coming."

    Are you kidding me? She was definitely not smart! If her vehicle was being repo'd it was more than likely because she wasn't making her payments. It is a vehicle and the fact that there was someone in the vehicle and she CHOSE to light the car on fire is absolutely absurd. She deserves to be in jail. I'm almost a 100% positive she knew this was coming for some time and chose not to work with the Lienholder.

    Your comment is about as ignorant as her starting it on fire.

  • clickclackity2 Sep 3, 2009

    The repo folks werent smart at the way they handled it. Most stories I've seen is where the repo people are shot at. If she was smart and wanted to get revenge, she would have done like most people do when their homes are repo'ed, so to speak, especially if you know they're coming.

  • sylvia12 Sep 3, 2009

    i used to watch to repo show on tv, now all i have to do is watch the local news.

  • Scubagirl Sep 3, 2009

    interesting that a sponsored link just below this story is about bipolar disorder.

  • tot42 Sep 3, 2009

    if the car where her property they would not have been there repo'ing it. lesson here: pay your bills; learn to control your temper; quit blaming others for your problems!

  • sillyone. Sep 3, 2009

    that is why you repo them while they are at work with GPS tracking devices

  • scarletindurham Sep 3, 2009

    am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?