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Police: UPS Worker Sold Stolen Packages Online

Posted February 8, 2008

— Raleigh police charged a United Parcel Service worker for allegedly stealing packages and selling the contents online.

Brian Miller admitted to switching the labels on boxes so they would be shipped to his house, according to search warrants. The packages included several large-screen televisions.

Miller then placed the stolen items on Craig's List, an online advertising site, to sell them, police said.


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  • VT1994Hokie Feb 8, 2008

    After reading the comments, several of you have not received your orders, I wonder how many other UPS people are stealing. It's a shame that he got so greedy to blow a good paying job. Now to prison. Go figure.

  • ncguy Feb 8, 2008

    remember the Rocky mount incident- we never heard the outcome of that? I do remember it was jewlery.

  • Raptor06 Feb 8, 2008

    It's just not a problem here. While stationed in South Korea, law enforcement broke up a ring of postal employees on Hawaii who were stealing Dell laptop computers being sent overseas. Dell sent me two computers and both units were stolen. I waited until a subsequent reassignment to the States before submitting another order; yes, it arrived by UPS. This male "organism" isn't a true representation of the other honest and hardworking men and women in those brown uniforms.

  • PikeMom4real Feb 8, 2008

    It doesn't matter where this guy had the packages shipped to.Those packages were still on his route,and showed up missing under him no matter where he sent them to.

  • PDMARTIN Feb 8, 2008

    I would like to know what Empowered said because it's been taken off.

  • catwoman1 Feb 8, 2008

    So that's where my books and CDs went...hmmmmm

  • PikeMom4real Feb 8, 2008

    Empowered Activist is just funny,and it was just sweet to watch all the panties get wadded up.

  • Mmaker52 Feb 8, 2008

    Shame "Empowered activist" was deleted....now we have no idea what you guys are talking about.

  • Warren G. is back Feb 8, 2008

    One of my packages was "lost in transit" shortly after the New Year. I wonder if this cat stole my goods.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 8, 2008

    THAT'S where my Christmas presents went! Gee and I thought they got lost in transit!

    Seriously, I have always wondered about those packages that 'get lost in transit', especially this day and age when things are computer coded and there is such a detailed tracking history. Unfortunately, I have often thought this happens more than we think.

    Glad this guy was caught. Hope those victims of his crime are able to recoup their losses!