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Police suspect arson in Knightdale High modular unit fire

Posted April 26, 2012

— Police are interviewing a person of interest in the suspected arson of a modular unit at Knightdale High School Thursday afternoon, according to Knightdale’s fire chief.

Chief Tim Guffey said the fire started in the bathroom of an eight-room modular unit around noon and caused about $20,000 in damage. Fire crews were dispatched after a fire alarm went off in the unit, prompting students and staff to leave the building.

No one was injured.

No other details were released.


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  • jtorrea2013 Apr 30, 2012

    I'm a student at knightdale and I think that everyone that doesn't attend knightdale and think that we're such a bad school needs to go to all the schools that no one seems they want to talk about and see how bad their schools really are and then compare it to khs and not just go on the few mishaps that have happened in our school. And for those who think that Ms.Jernigan is our PAL that is a false statement. The closest that she's gotten to being a pal to us is when she bag & tag our things with a smile and that is it but otherwise our school is like any of the other school's in wake county minus all the bad publicity that we are getting from the media everytime something bad happens.

  • FREE-ESCO Apr 27, 2012

    Where there's SMOKE there's FIRE! Just another symptom of Embattled princi'PAL' Carla Jernigan-Baker at KNIGHTDALE HS has had serious problems for years. KHS need NEW LEADERSHIP NOW! The learning climate there is horrible.

    “Looking at individual schools this year, one big red flag is that Knightdale High had the most teachers of any school requesting to leave. But the school had a relatively low number of people requesting to work there. Knightdale High School's results on the latest NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey are pretty bad.” -Keung Hui, N&O WakeEd Blog

    In brief, KHS Teachers do not trust their principal because she consistently does not enforce rules for student conduct. She does not support teachers' efforts to maintain discipline in the classroom. Teachers do not feel comfortable raising issues and concerns that are important to them. The students know about Carla Jernigan-Baker’s long history of her non-support of her teachers and Y'ALL are running that place!!

  • caniacrbc Apr 26, 2012

    Please don't even start with the nasty comments about Knihgtdale. I go there, it is not what WRAL would have you think it is. Schools like Southeast, Millbrook and Enloe are worse, but for some reason they don't get the media coverage. When there is a fight at Knightdale it is a "riot or brawl." You don't hear about all of the fights and arrest at the other schools I mentioned. Wonder why....