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Police still sorting out cause of fatal Fayetteville wreck

Posted July 16, 2014
Updated July 17, 2014

— Three people were killed Wednesday evening in a wreck involving four vehicles in Fayetteville.

The wreck happened at about 6:30 p.m. in the 3500 block of Murchison Road.

Police identified those killed as John Wesley Morrow, 67, of Fayetteville, Jimmy Campbell, 50, of Lumberton, and Laytosha McNair, 35, of Raeford. A fourth driver, Jennifer Chagnon, 40, of Clemmons, wasn't seriously injured.

Witnesses say the accident happened when Morrow stopped to avoid hitting someone driving erratically and headed north towards Fort Bragg. McNair's 2003 Volkswagen then slammed into the back of Morrow's 2010 Nissan pickup.

"He hit the brakes, and the car behind him ran straight into him – up under the truck – and the other truck had side-swiped the car and flipped over and hit the pole," witness David Watson said.

Campbell was driving the 2006 Chevrolet pickup that hit McNair's car and before overturning.

"You could smell, like, Freon, battery acid all over the air," said Eddie Medina, who works at a nearby auto parts store on Murchison Road. "I was hesitant of going over there because I didn’t want anything to explode. But I went over there to check on the lady, and as soon as I saw her, I could tell (she was dead)."

Members of Campbell's family trekked to Fayetteville from Lumberton on Thursday to see where he died.

"Jimmy was a person who what I would call a gentle giant," said his brother, Billy Campbell. "He was a person with a real humble spirit. He was a very likable person, and you couldn't find a better person."

Fayetteville police are still trying to sort out the sequence of events in the pile-up, and they ask that anyone with information about the wreck call the Fayetteville Police Department's Traffic Unit at 910-433-1036.

“Officers with the Traffic Unit, they’ll continue to investigate that. They’ll download data from those vehicles, talk with witnesses that have come forward and any other persons that may have seen something (and) gives us a call," Lt. Todd Joyce said.

Murchison Road was closed between Pamalee Drive and Shaw Mill Road while emergency crews worked the scene. It reopened at about 1 a.m. Thursday.


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  • coachkayhasmrsa Jul 17, 2014

    what is the speed limit on this road? you see wrecks on interstates and the cars don't have the damage that these do.

  • T-ONE Jul 17, 2014

    Wow! This what the 3rd straight day of multiple people dying in a car accident. One would think that with technology being the way it is we wouldn't have some people dying in accidents. I hope this has nothing to do with someone texting while driving.

  • Opeth Jul 17, 2014

    That looks all kinds of bad.

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Jul 17, 2014

    @yokel, what on Earth about that picture tells you whether it was avoidable or not??? You obviously don't have a clue. It may or may not have been avoidable but you sure must be smart to be able to tell from a photo. You sure nailed it with the "yokel" part

  • gunmonkey Jul 17, 2014

    View quoted thread

    Well we could make a 5 day waiting period before you can buy a car. Or we could ban cars except for the government and police officers. We could raise the price of gas so high, no one can afford to drive. How about cars that can only be driven by the person who it is registered to...

  • busyb97 Jul 17, 2014

    Wow....just wow. How awful!

  • LocalYokel Jul 17, 2014

    This definitely looks like an non-accident. Thanks for not inferring that it was unavoidable by using the word "accident" in the article WRAL.

    It's sad to see people dying on our roads at such a high rate. If only something could be done to prevent these tragedies...

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 16, 2014

    Three dead says story now. Oh God, what a terrible thing for their family.
    Prayers for them all for sure.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 16, 2014

    Awww, I'm sorry.
    Prayers for the loved ones of the victim(s) - story doesn't say yet.