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Police seek credit card thief

Posted May 8, 2008

— Police on Thursday asked for public assistance in identifying a suspect in a credit card fraud case.

The victim was visiting a terminally ill child in at Duke University Hospital on April 25 when several credit cards were stolen from her purse, which had been left in a hospital room, police said.

The thief then ran up about $90,000 in charges on the cards at Belk, Wal-Mart, Apple and convenience stores in Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest and Knightdale, police said.

In one store, a woman wearing blue hospital scrubs used the stolen credit cards on April 25 to purchase gift cards. She was described as black, in her late teens or 20s, with a light complexion and hair that was pulled back.

The same woman was seen later that weekend making additional purchases at the store.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Durham Police Investigator A.H. Holland Jr. at 919-560-4440 extension 254, Duke University Police Detective Sgt. Gary Smith at 919-684-6424 or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • richard2 May 8, 2008

    all credit cards should have photo id and this is history!

  • walkermr May 8, 2008

    I have Check ID on the back of all of my credit cards. It does not work. They just see something written there and run it anyway.

  • willis2 May 8, 2008

    Write "See Photo I.D." on the back of your credit card. It works and businesses will know you don't mind being asked. Be sure to have your drivers license handy!

  • Clinton May 8, 2008

    Guess they didn't have life lock *wink*

  • packandcanesfan May 8, 2008

    The hat was the first thing my eyes went to. I thought of how I felt seeing the face of the person that killed Eve. :(

    Anyway, I agree that $90,000 is a ridiculous amount of debt to run up in such a short period of time. I can't imagine why the card companies did not call the victim/customer. How will she ever get this straightened out? And the worst thing is this victim was at Duke visiting a critically ill child. How low. Maybe this chick and the one that robbed that dying person in the street can share a cell.

  • jbirdnc May 8, 2008

    Is the hat comments because it's a Houston Astros hat, brought up because of the Eve Carson case, and it's potential ties to gang activity? I do applaud the great photos of her, she'll be caught soon enough with those images.

  • eric52272 May 8, 2008

    again i say ....is anyone surprised?

  • twc May 8, 2008

    Businesses are SO slack in checking IDs. It must be that they don't actually lose much; otherwise they would be more diligent. I always question them if they don't ask for my ID. They say dumb things like "we do if your card isn't signed." What difference that makes I don't know; they have no way of checking the handwriting. The businesses could make a big dent in ID abuse if they wanted to! I guess it doesn't matter which way they get their money! But the bottom line is it comes from us, the consumer!

  • wiseowl May 8, 2008


    yep. doubt it's a coincidence.

  • LambeauSouth May 8, 2008

    did anyone notice a resemblence on the second picture????
    Check the hat she is wearing???????