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Police searching for person of interest in NCCU shooting

Posted November 21, 2013
Updated November 22, 2013

— North Carolina Central University police were searching Friday for a 21-year-old man wanted for questioning in connection with a shooting that put the school's campus on lockdown for about 30 minutes Thursday afternoon. 

Authorities originally named Crandall Ortais Ingram, a former N.C. Central student, as a suspect in the shooting that happened at about 2:40 p.m. Thursday near Concord and Lawson streets.

On Friday, authorities backed off of that, saying that Ingram was a "person of interest" in the case. 

Following the shooting, officers were unable to find any shell casings, campus Police Chief Timothy Bellamy said. 

The university was on a precautionary lockdown for about 30 minutes, and students and staff were urged to seek shelter, lock doors and stay away from windows.

"(Witnesses) saw someone walking across campus and saw a vehicle come up, shots were fired," Bellamy told reporters at a news conference shortly after the lockdown was lifted.

After naming Ingram as a suspect on Thursday, authorities said it was unclear why he may have fired shots. Ingram fled in a cream, four-door Audi and was last seen headed southeast of campus, police said.

A message sent from Ingram’s Twitter account after the news conference said he was not on campus because he was in court all day. N.C. Central police had not responded to questions about the tweets late Thursday. 

Officers did take for questioning an unidentified man whom Ingram is accused of trying to shoot.

"He is not hurt. He is not injured. There is nothing wrong," Bellamy said. "He's going down to be questioned, to give statements concerning what happened this afternoon." NCCU reports 'active shooter' on campus Durham authorities searching for person of interest in NCCU shooting

Bellamy said that Ingram – who was a victim of a shooting near N.C. Central on Nov. 3, 2012 – was banned from the university two years ago and is wanted by campus police on charges of trespassing and delaying and obstructing a law enforcement officer after an officer saw him on campus last week.

The chief, however, would not say why Ingram was banned.

According to court records, Ingram was scheduled to be in court Thursday in Orange County.

Extra precautions were being taken on campus Thursday night.

"There is always going to be some issue of concern until we apprehend Mr. Ingram, but I would like to say that we will put officers on high visibility tonight, along with the city police department, so I feel students will be very safe tonight," Bellamy said. NCCU Police Chief Timothy Bellamy NCCU police chief discusses lockdown

Still, campus safety was on the minds of many students Thursday evening – the third time this semester the university has been placed on lockdown.

"I do not feel safe here, and I hate that, because I actually like the education," student Chelsea Caldwell said. "But, as far as safety? No."

Others, however, said safety wasn't an issue for them but said a campus-wide alert system initially caused panic because they didn't know where on campus the activity occurred.

Travez Jones was in a cafeteria when he received a phone call that the campus was on lockdown.

"It was kind of scary, because the café administration started running, and I heard some screaming," he said. "I thought, 'Is this guy coming up the stairs?' So, I got a little scared."


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  • map1agmachining Nov 22, 2013

    put award money on wear a bouts. You'll probably have by dinner time.
    Money makes the world go round a C note will do for most people.

  • gingerlynn Nov 22, 2013

    If i had to be in court i don't think i would be tweeting about it.

  • Glock07 Nov 22, 2013

    The Courthouse is about 1.5 minutes from the Campus.....

  • Obamacare for one and all Nov 22, 2013

    So what if he was in court all day? Still gives him time to head over to campus while court is in recess and fire off a few shots.

  • Bill of Rights Nov 22, 2013

    So. Was he in court, or wasn't he? Seems like a pretty easy thing to check up on.

  • Lamborghini Mercy Nov 22, 2013

    Ingram’s Twitter account after the news conference said he was not on campus because he was in court all day.

    And he also mentions on twitter he has a lawyer, yet, he's not complying with the law right now to turn himself in... If that was me and I was innocent, I would've turned myself in the second I heard about it instead of allowing the situation to grow out of control.

  • Kaitlyn Nov 22, 2013

    "crime respects no boundaries. thank goodness HB 937 was passed. Thanks NCGA."

    LOL right! If lawmakers really believed conceal carry increased the safety of people in public areas then why don't they allow it in their own (public) work place? If it's safe for children on the playground it should be safe for them. But nooooooo, it's too dangerous for them!

  • Pretzel Logic Nov 22, 2013

    If he were not under the influence of those pesky guns this dude would have probably been at church learning about moses and jesus and all the disciples,,, and eatin' some food...

  • stymieindurham Nov 22, 2013

    Ingram’s Twitter account after the news conference said he was not on campus because he was in court all day.

    This should be easy to prove.

  • Stilllearnin Nov 21, 2013

    When there is a school shooter they will label them as an active shooter until they know more"

    Just shows you that facts do not matter, just getting a story out is the priority. My response was to the comment was aimed at the definition remark.