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Police: Sanford man fondled woman at Walmart

Posted July 31, 2013

— A 36-year-old Broadway man was charged Tuesday after Sanford police said he sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman Monday in the Walmart on N.C. Highway 87.  

William James Wilson, of 3151 Rosser Pittman Road, faces one count of sexual battery. The victim told authorities Wilson fondled her. 

Employees of the Walmart intervened to stop the assault, police said, and detained Wilson until authorities arrived. 

Wilson was in the Lee County jail Wednesday under a $10,000 bond. 


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  • Euro American Jul 31, 2013

    Should cut him off.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Jul 31, 2013

    He is lucky he isn't dead. He got hold of the "right" woman. Had he gotten hold of the wrong woman, the only option would be where his family wanted him buried. And yes, there are some women out there, THAT TOUGH!

    People like this, disgust me!

  • Naysayer Jul 31, 2013

    Walmart at night is like a trip to a whole new planet.

  • doinbizzness Jul 31, 2013

    You mean it's illegal to grope people in Wal Mart?

  • 678devilish Jul 31, 2013

    Just thinking how we really are not safe even at WAL Mart. Yet all these people around and he had the nerve to do that. Shame on him.

  • 678devilish Jul 31, 2013

    WOW! He was so bold and did not care. Glad the cops have him and I hope the courts lock him up for a very long time. I do hope the lady will be OK.

  • Glass Half Full Jul 31, 2013

    He's already on the offender registry for an offense with a child. Past time to lock him up for good, should have been done first time around.

  • Tar River Roots Jul 31, 2013

    "This is why I shop at Target."

    I hate to break it to you MichaelOps, but it happens at Target also.


  • bdu4dals2 Jul 31, 2013

    In jail 10K bond. He has to come up with 10% and is back out to do whatever he decides next...maybe the next woman will not be so lucky. If it was my wife jail would be the safest place for him to be.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 31, 2013

    Actually Walmart isn't liable for what some criminal does while committing a crime on there property. They are however liable for what action an employee takes. This is why they are Loss Prevention Officers and don't carry firearms and not hired to secure safety for customers. The problem is that we have too many layers in this country and also that profits are placed way before customer's safety.