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Police: Raeford home invasion suspects could be gang members

Posted March 8, 2010

— Two men thought to be gang members beat a Raeford man and threatened his wife and daughter during a home invasion Sunday afternoon, Raeford police Chief Michael Dummett said Monday.

Two men wearing red knit hats, red bandannas over their faces and white T-shirts forced their way into the home in the 400 block of North Wright Avenue, Dummett said.

They pushed Billie Sue Frye to the floor and put a gun in the mouth of Frye's 3-year-old daughter. The men hit and kicked David Frye when he tried to get between the attackers and his family, Dummett said.

Police believe the men know the Fryes' 17-year-old son.

They took six shotguns, a rifle, credit and debit cards and keys from the home and threatened to return and kill the family if they called police, Dummett said.


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  • Iworkforaliving Mar 10, 2010

    TimInNC, the goal is to shoot both/all of the intruders. It's best to practice using the weapon so you'll be prepared if or when you may need to use it, but hope you never do.

  • invisible69mailx Mar 9, 2010

    and the gun control crowd want us to eliminate arms in the home. i wonder how long it took law enforcement to get to the home where this heinous crime was committed. come on guys, come pay me a visit. you ll meet your maker as you come through the front door.

    self defense is a right to all in this country!!!!

  • wildcat Mar 9, 2010

    These invaders were not raised right by their parents. Mostly likely they never had a father in their life and disrespected their mother all the time.

  • wildcat Mar 9, 2010

    the room unarmed with the parents and see how tough they are then.

    The parents would not do much of anything. But prison will and can.

  • wildcat Mar 9, 2010

    How do you put a gun in the mouth of a 3 year old?

    Because they were trying to be big and bad. Once they are caught and sent to prison, that attitude will change.

  • wildcat Mar 9, 2010

    Now these people need to be taken off the streets and put in prison for a while. Know who you are opening your door up to. Parents check out your daughters and sons and know exactly who their friends are. They are living in your house and you do have that right. I do hope this family will be OK after having gone through this horrible ordeal. My prayers are with them.

  • ptfmom Mar 9, 2010

    How do you put a gun in the mouth of a 3 year old? What has this world come to when you do stuff like that. they just need to lock them in the room unarmed with the parents and see how tough they are then.

  • TimInNC Mar 9, 2010

    Yup, that would have been real smart. The home owner shoots one of them, gets killed himself by the other one, and his whole family dies right after that. Yup, real smart that move.

  • paradiselost Mar 9, 2010

    Pretty cowardly to put a weapon in the mouth of a three year old.
    Kick in my door and the Mossberg will roar... period.

  • sssh.. whisper Mar 9, 2010

    for the monster who put a gun in a 3 yr old's mouth.. you should be sentenced to the electric chair for that!!! Sick and cruel... I can only hope that "what goes around.. comes around" for these monsters.