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Police: Officer caused wreck that flipped patrol car

Posted November 10, 2010

— A Raleigh police officer caused a wreck last week that left her patrol car overturned and blocked traffic on Capital Boulevard for more than an hour, according to an accident report released Wednesday.

Officer Lindsay Hankins was northbound on McDowell Street, where it curves into Capital Boulevard at about 4 p.m. Nov. 4 when she ran off the road to the left and hit a concrete median barrier, the report states.

The patrol car bounced off the barrier and clipped a 2000 Honda driven by Frank Lebron Jr., of Wake Forest. Hankins then over-corrected and ran back into and up the median barrier, flipping the patrol car onto its top, the report states.

Neither Hankins nor Lebron was seriously injured in the wreck.


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  • tjeatsbabies Nov 12, 2010

    Even after all the driving classes this officer took it all comes to the simple fact that women are bad drivers.

  • sickofstupidpeople Nov 11, 2010

    Lindsay is a darn fine officer.. and darn good looking too.

  • braddavis Nov 11, 2010

    wondering...... if this was a policeman would the findings have been the same????
    November 11, 2010 12:32 p.m.

    They admitted the police officer was at fault! Are you sure you're reading the same story we are?

  • guest11 Nov 11, 2010

    She will, most likely, be charged. Because of the investigation that is done when an officer wrecks the charging does not happen at the scene. That comes later and from higher up.

  • leo-nc Nov 11, 2010

    "if this was a policeman would the findings have been the same????"----


  • allsmileshere Nov 11, 2010

    wondering...... if this was a policeman would the findings have been the same????

  • peplquitwhinin Nov 10, 2010

    Journey,if you don't like law enforcement then fine. I usually discover that people who dislike law enforcement are not exactly law abiding citizens. Fine there too. I have not been law enforcement in over 10 years, and was an internal investigator for a few years while on the job. Not real popular position. I am not here to defend the law enforcement officers that would put their life on the line tomorrow to save even your unappreciative self. However, I would not pretend to know what your life or job is like until I experienced it. And this is not just for Journey, but other critics out there. If you are a complete dolt, that doesn't mean that everybody else in your office is an dolt. KNOW what you are talking about before you open your mouth and demonstrate your ignorance to the world. For the others out there reading, stay safe brothers.

  • rdmcswai Nov 10, 2010

    notagain - At first I thought you were kidding, then I realized the sad seriousness of your post. I am grateful for all the hard that LEO's put forth for our city and community, even if that does mean that they have to be on their radios/cell phones for work related business. Heck, shouldn't a cop be able to call home to tell his daughter good night or check on a sick spouse?

    Come on. We all do it. Accidents happen, whether you're an officer or a construction worker.

  • DukeFan23 Nov 10, 2010

    Most of RPD won't write anyone a ticket in a wreck unless it's more serious then a fender bender(injuries, dwi, etc..).

  • roaddog3 Nov 10, 2010