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Police: Lejeune Marine punched, threatened to kill taxi driver

Posted July 31, 2011

— Raleigh police arrested a Marine based at Camp Lejeune Saturday night after he allegedly punched a taxi driver in the face and threatened to kill him, arrest warrants state.

Justin Wayne Deleon, 22, was charged with disorderly conduct, being intoxicated and disruptive and resisting a public officer. He taken to the Wake County jail, where he was released into the custody of his commanding officer.

Police said that Deleon was intoxicated when he tried to fight a taxi driver on the 200 block of South Dawson Street. He told the man he would kill him "by means of his training in the military," arrest warrants state. 

He then allegedly blocked traffic and refused to listen to the commands of a police officer dispatched to the scene.

Deleon is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 14.


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  • Wingnut Central Aug 1, 2011

    Most men live their whole life wondering what it would be like to go on a bender, punch a stranger in the face, threaten to kill them then block traffic and resist arrest. A United States Marine does not have that problem.

  • u stand corrected Aug 1, 2011

    Most men live their whole life wondering if they have made a difference in the world. A United States Marine does not have that problem. Semper Fi. (Ronald Reagan)

    Yes he made a bad decision, however I do agree that this would not have made the news if he had not been a Marine. Sad all around. Hope he gets treatment and fast if it is PTSD. Much love to OUR Troops.Hoo Rah!!!

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Aug 1, 2011

    I agree with whoever said let the troop sweat it out in the county jail for a few days. Nothing teaches a lesson like nursing a hangover in lockup.

  • anneonymousone Aug 1, 2011

    Paddlefoot, I'm not sure why you seek to blame the man who was assaulted. My guess is that if there was any equal involvement in the ugliness of the situation, the driver would have been charged and/or the article would have given us some indication.

    AirBorne Daddy, I agree with you wholeheartedly. PTSD (if indeed this man has it) is an explanation, and not an excuse. We owe our returning members of the military far better than what they are given.

  • Big D 87 Aug 1, 2011

    What did taxi driver do to provoke this ? Would like to know whoke story instead of just another drunk Marine . This happens often with civilians ,But makes headlines because he is a Marine.

  • Bartmeister Aug 1, 2011

    Is this special news because he's a Marine? I'll bet this happens a bunch. I'm sure his CO will help him understand the importance of making better decisions. Still..... I stand behind our service men and women through thick and thin, because they stand in front of me and the enemy on a daily basis in battle. Cocky? Yes. Brash? Of course. Ya gotta be one to understand...... Hoo Rah.

  • wdprice3 Aug 1, 2011

    It's calling being a drunk jarhead. They're not the brightest.

  • NoObamaCare Aug 1, 2011

    PTSD? Not an excuse but a reason? We are having less casualties as far as death counts; but the emotional casualties after war is brutal. We need to continue to help these soldiers psychologically even after they have served, to deal with everyday life after seeing things most cannot imagine. Once again, I do not condone this soldiers behavior.

  • keeprightexcepttopass Aug 1, 2011

    No matter what, I know his behavior was wrong, but I wonder if he has had any tours in Iraq/Afghanistan. So many military folks are coming back mentally messed up. It's really sad. : (

  • TWM Aug 1, 2011

    And Marines often wonder why they aren't welcomed with open arms in some public places. It's guys like this that give the few good ones a bad name...