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Police investigate body found in Raleigh home

Posted August 9, 2012

Police are investigating the death of a woman found inside her north Raleigh home Wednesday.

Carolyn Cabaeiss Diehl, 71, was found dead inside 1424 Hunting Ridge Road, near North Ridge Country Club, at about 7:15 p.m.

Police said there no indications of foul play in her death, but no other details were released.


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  • didisaythat Aug 9, 2012

    All deaths, other than in a hospital or hospice setting are treated as a crime scene until it is determined to be natural causes. Typically when the deceased doctor states they will sign a death certificate. If it appears suspicious, the ME will be notified and it will be treated as a crime. 14 hours makes it seem there was some suspicion or they could not get a doctor to sign a death certificate...which is common for many that do not have a family doctor they go to regularly.

  • eb2cents Aug 9, 2012

    Forgot to say: sorry to family and friends for their loss...

  • eb2cents Aug 9, 2012

    Someone told me recently that if someone dies alone, the police have to treat it like a crime until they prove it otherwise. This happened when his Mother died of a heart attack in her home (alone) several years ago.

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Aug 9, 2012

    So the body is being investigated. Those UNC grads working at WRAL are still churning out ill-thought headlines.

  • twilson69 Aug 9, 2012

    Prayers for the Diehl family.

  • uncgrad95 Aug 9, 2012

    It was an investigation as neighbors and those close with the family were questioned. Police were at the residence for over 14 hours

  • shortcake53 Aug 9, 2012

    Sorry for your loss rwilkins.

  • Fireflies Rock Aug 9, 2012

    sounds like someone passed away at home; why on earth would WRAL post it as an "investigation" of a "body"? How cold and clinical. Sorry for the loss of someone's loved one.

  • pulstar40 Aug 9, 2012

    Why the news feel they need to post the exact address is beyond me. Let all the criminals know that there is a chance the house is unoccupied - or will be during visitation/funeral.

  • Southern Girl Aug 9, 2012

    I'm puzzled as to why you would give the EXACT address - North Ridge CC would have been enough at this point of the investigation. Just my opinion.