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Police: Intoxicated driver going 90 mph before fatal wreck

Posted April 20, 2011

— Raleigh police say a 21-year-old man was intoxicated and going nearly three times the speed limit early Saturday when his SUV slammed into a car, killing its driver.

Timothy Lee Ford, of 2101 Versitile Drive, was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder in the wreck that killed Sika Akou Ekpe, 21, of Raleigh. He also faces one count each of felony serious injury by vehicle and driving while impaired.

Police said Ford was going 90 mph in the 2100 block of Lake Wheeler Road around 12:30 a.m. Saturday when his 2005 Toyota slammed into Ekpe's 1999 Mitsubishi as she was turning left from a parking lot. The Mitsubishi spun around three times, and the Toyota overturned, striking a tree.

Ekpe's passenger, Cloudia Olandzo Bo, 30, of Raleigh, suffered serious injuries. She was taken to WakeMed.

Rescuers had to extricate Ford from the SUV, police said. He suffered minor injuries.

A witness saw Ford speeding and straddling the center line before the wreck, police said.


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  • dontgetmestarted Apr 21, 2011

    Who is he mad at? Of course, he'd be the only one walking away with "minor injuries". Never ceases to amaze me.

  • damnyank Apr 21, 2011

    is this not like...the same thing that happene with the Doc..Cook??? Yet, he did NOT get 2nd degree murder? I don't understand...how ridiculous.

  • Parrot Ice Apr 21, 2011

    common sense man:
    This what I was indicating regarding a jury trial as what occurred recently in Burlington.

    A trial by jury in Alamance Co got a man with second degree murder charges but Wake Co jurors apparently think differently.

    But again, I know it's on how evidence is presented but it seemed compelling enough for a murder charge. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is treated like a social economic issue instead of its true self: a dangerous mix of mind numbing altering product that some can not control by small doses.

    Remember, defense and prosecutors pick the jurors based on how questions are answered.

  • Raleigh Joe Apr 21, 2011

    If this upsets you, please look into the MADD organization. They need all the help they can get with this plague. They are trying to stay on top of the DA's and Judges that consistently dismiss DWI's without just cause. You would be amazed at how many DWI arrests occur in just Wake County. The police are doing their job. It's time we make the DA's and Judges do theirs.

  • HEAFIE200 Apr 21, 2011

    WooHoo2You - how right you - doesn't seem like this story is getting commented on as much as the good ole Dr. Cook - which means, this man will get the max sentence unless he has a trust fund and can afford a high dollar attorney like cook - quite frankly - I think it is sickening - he is no different from Cook but i guess no one cares bc he isn't a doctor and didn't kill a 20 year old. Sad how people make choices over economics, and race...same crime - but I bet this dude gets more time, makes me sick to my stomach. He drove drunk, killed someone - same as cook, and yet - he will get more time.

  • babedan Apr 21, 2011

    Cook had them tacked on, but the Judge said with the Manslaughter conviction, he could not sentence him for DWI and death by motor vehicle, only for the Manslaughter charge. So that part of the law needs to be changed too. And the sentences need to run consectively.

  • HEAFIE200 Apr 21, 2011

    You watch, this dude will get 2nd degree - unlike Dr. Raymond Cook - and I don't even think Cook had those other charges tacked on - same circumstances 90 mph, drunk...makes me sick to think this will end up differently bc of social status, race, etc.

  • RM24 Apr 21, 2011

    Why is he not being charged again with the same thing Dr. Cook was charged with? Would that not be fair???

  • babedan Apr 21, 2011

    Why is it the drunk driver seems to get out of these accidents with minor injuries?
    April 20, 2011 12:17 p.m.
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    One of the reasons I have been told is their body does not tense up on impact. When the body tenses the muscles have a tendency to tighten to the point they start breaking things. When relaxed the muscles can absorbe the shock instead of transfering it to the organs they are to protect.

  • babedan Apr 21, 2011

    The law needs to be changed to take basic portions out of the Juries hands. If anyone is on the jury and they drink and may one day be in the same situtation, then they will not vote guilty on 2nd degree as they don't want that to happen to them. The Jury should only have to decide was the person 1. Driving under the Influence at the time of the accident. 2. Was the accident the direct result of the individual he hit dying? If guilty on those two counts then the sentence is 2nd degree murder and a minimun sentence of 25 years without parole is to be handed out.

    That would hopefully stop this nonsense and people would use a DD when they went out to drink.