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Police ID victims in weekend Durham shooting

Posted September 7, 2010

— Police on Tuesday identified the victims of a Saturday night shooting on Chapel Hill Road in Durham.

Bernardo Ponce, 33, died at the scene of the shooting, and Antoney Garcia Dominguez, 40, was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of wounds that police said weren't life-threatening.

Deandre Roosevelt Rucker, 18, of Nebo Street, was charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. A 15-year-old also was charged in the shooting and was placed in the Durham County Youth Home.

Police were still searching Tuesday for a third man in the shooting. He was described as a black man in his late teens or 20s with a light complexion and a chunky build. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall and might go by the nickname of “D” and frequent the Southside neighborhood.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Durham Police Department at 919-560-4440, extension 29350, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • dwr1964 Sep 8, 2010

    A bias against Durham "issymayake" ? Really though, you are kidding right? Simply because more than 70% of all crime is brought on by the "black" people, and just because 90% of those are "black on black" crime, does not mean that WRAL has a bias against Durham. Actually I would love to hear the rest of your argument because I need another good laugh.

  • The Big E Sep 8, 2010

    issymayake.....You need to wake up and see whats going on around you. Go to the Durham County Coutrhouse and you will see what I am saying. It's just the fact!

  • anne53ozzy Sep 8, 2010

    27615-Oxford area...I live there too. You should not be a person who makes a statement for this area. I want all those that read this to know that we do not promote killing as a solution to anything. Shame on you.

  • anne53ozzy Sep 8, 2010

    I see the symbol from Idon is now a brain and not the ying yang. Use or lose it.... Peace. and to those who suggest killing someone as a way to fix this...The 2nd amendment was written in a time where bearng arms was an necessary right hundreds of years ago. I hope we can affect the wrongs in the community without resorting to what was common then.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Sep 7, 2010

    and "assaulting the crud out of each other" isn't the same thing as shooting someone dead.

    Sorry I wasn't exactly clear in that statement, but they do assault each other to the point of death. I've seen two latino DOA's but I've seen multiple, multiple assaults that lead to deaths. Very rarely do you see the media cover anything hispanic/lation that's assault related. Let it be a gunfire scenario and they're on it like ants on honey.

  • issymayake Sep 7, 2010

    lol. . .it's not like the 'black' community did all this bad stuff by themselves. We have a collective responsibility as Americans to attack the issue of gangs because believe me, it isn't just black youth involved. There are whites, Latinos and increasingly more and more young women involved in the sub-culture. Most members have the commonality of being raised in poor neighborhoods.

    To claim that black people should take care of this problem is short-sighted. No, we all should do our part; raise our children; encourage our neighbors children and quit acting like it can't happen to you or your family.

    On another note, WRAL seems to have a definite bias against Durham.

  • The Big E Sep 7, 2010

    The black community needs to step up and take respondsibility for the mess they have made. This of coarse will not happen and they will continue to pay because they refuse to act! God be with the elderly and children who have to pay for their way of life!

  • exposure102 Sep 7, 2010

    Raleigh is covering up for "Juicee's" for some reason. It's an "after-hours" strip club open from 2-6am off Capital in the shopping complex where Sawasdee is. 30 strippers, operating within 100 feet of Brentwood community, and surely has no permit to be doing so. Aug 15th 4am: Shooting, August 29th 4am: Shots fired, Sep 4th 2am: "Communicating threats" - Thankfully Spot Crime posts the police reports because the news is not interested in uxposing this place.

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Sep 7, 2010

    "Oh but it does, it just doesn't make the news."

    So all the drive by murders being committed by whites and latinos are just being covered up by the news media? the news media sure did a heckuva job covering the horrors inflicted upon poor Crystal Mangum by the lacrosse thugs (despite the fact that it never happened) so claiming that the news media don't report the killings by whites and Latinos just doesn't pass muster.

    sorry but I just don't believe that.

    and "assaulting the crud out of each other" isn't the same thing as shooting someone dead.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Sep 7, 2010

    nope. the poorest in our community are the Latinos and you don't see this coming from their community.

    Oh but it does, it just doesn't make the news.That same road, opposite end, is a predominately Hispanic housing area and the same things happen there. Usually theirs aren't guns, they assault the crud out of each other with knives, bats, broken bottles, etc. On Alston Ave near 147 there's another heavily populated Hispanic area that the same things occur in. Occasionally they use guns but the majority of the time it's deadly force with other objects.

    Raleigh has it's fair share of frequent shootings but it's not reported. The media's magnifying glass is too focused on Durham to cover Raleigh. How dare the 'State Capital' look unsafe, lets keep the negative light on Durham. *end sarcasm*