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Police: Franklinton man targeted teen boys

Posted April 12, 2013

— Detectives believe a Franklinton man charged Thursday with the sexual exploitation of a minor has been targeting teenage boys online for more than a year.

According to search warrants, Mitchell Franklin Louws, 18, maintained several Facebook accounts since January 2012 in order to pose as a woman or teenage girl to obtain nude photos of teenage boys. Police said he would send nude or racy photos of a woman to entice the boys to send pictures of themselves in exchange.

If the boys refused to send more images, police said, Louws would threaten to send the explicit photos to the victims’ families and post them on social media sites.

Raleigh police said Louws maintained one fake account with the name Jessica Boardman. Using that persona, he would offer to have sex with the victims if the boys would “pass a test first” by having sex with a man. He would give the boys a phone number and tell them to contact Mitchell Louws, according to the warrants.

Police were able to use the phone number and IP addresses to track Louws to the home he shares with his parents on Timberlake Road.

Louws was arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of extortion in connection with a 13-year-old boy.

Bond information was unavailable.


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  • Gidder Dun Apr 12, 2013

    "From the community that targets minors and children for sexual exploitation, which includes straight people.."

    Even in this post you clarified what you really wanted to say deep down in your heart. Just an FYI the community you refer to does not target young minors & children. I am part of that community the GLBT community and I for one hate and despise ANY person regardless of sexual orientation who prey on children under the age of 18. I was molested and raped by 3 family members growing up so I know what the young victim feels but not the perp.

  • Slappy171 Apr 12, 2013

    "Man".....he's still just a kid himself. Either way he's one sick critter

  • Life-goes-on. Apr 12, 2013

    This is one sick person. Bond should not be available, ever.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 12, 2013

    You might want to research the definition of pedophile yourself, GD.

  • Rocknhorse Apr 12, 2013

    Sick and sad! Parents, monitor your kids' accounts, educate them about the dangers and talk to them!! It's not fool-proof. Unfortunately nothing is. But it will SIGNIFICANTLY lower the chances of this type of thing happening.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 12, 2013

    From the community that targets minors and children for sexual exploitation, which includes straight people. Jump to conclusions much? ;)

  • Gidder Dun Apr 12, 2013

    "More perversion from that community."

    From what community? Please enlighten us with your innuendo. Better yet you might want to do some research. Most pedophilia men are straight just so you know.